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Find a Hidden Bunker – Problem solved

Find a Hidden Bunker in Fortnite: Every Location!

Find a hidden bunker fortnite
The challenge 'Find a hidden bunker' can be a pain in the latest Fortnite challenges... until you read our little guide. (Credit: Epic Games)

'Find a hidden bunker' – it is one of Fortnite's Season 5, Week 9 challenges, and it is a tough one. The secret bunkers are not easy to find by chance, but you're in luck: We have all the locations.

In total, there are three hidden bunkers in Fortnite and one part of the Fortnite Week 9 quests is to find a hidden bunker. Yup, just one. Still, this can be a pain, if you don't know where to find them. Luckily we have the locations for all three secret bunkers in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Hidden Bunkers Locations

find a hidden bunker fortnite
The locations of all the hidden bunkers in Fortnite. (Credit: Epic)

There are three bunkers hidden on the Fortnite map, as you can see above. When you approach either of the locations in-game, the bunkers will appear as landmarks and marked with one to three question marks.

Find a Hidden Bunker #1 – Craggy Cliffs

Just approach the island to the west of Craggy Cliffs. You'll see two buildings there: the Unremarkable Shack and a second one to the east. The latter is on top of one of the hidden bunkers. All you have to do is destroy everything around it to reveal the bunker.

Here's a video to aid our directions – it should make finding all the hidden bunkers a bit easier:

Find a Hidden Bunker #2 – Retail Row

The second bunker is located a little east off the coast of Retail Row. Just look for a small campsite close to the cliffs. Now just get down the hill south of there, and you'll see two big trees with a bush between them. You'll want to destroy that bush (you're thinking dirty jokes right now, not us) and the bunker will be hidden no more.

Find a Hidden Bunker #3 – Holly Hedges

We always thought Holly Hedges sounds like a great name for a vintage Hollywood starlet and now, it's the location of a bunker. This one is a bit harder to find: It's underwater, south of Holly Hedges. Get to the cove and locate the bay that is in between Rainbow Rentals and Shanty Town. You'll wanna get in the water somewhere in between the two. Don't worry, no diving necessary: Just getting being at surface level above the bunker in the ocean is more than enough.


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