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The Locations of Spray Cans & Graffiti

Where to find Spray Cans & Graffiti in Fortnite Season 7

Graffiti Fortnite Season 7
We also show you where the Spray Cans. | © Epic Games

Week 2 Challenges for Fortnite are now available and this week, you need to find both Spray Cans and Graffiti on the Season 7 map. We show you exactly where to go to complete both challenges and score some easy XP.

Aliens have made contact with Fortnite players and Season 7 has started off with a massive explosion at the Zero Point! For the Week 2 Challenges, it appears some vandals have taken advantage of the distraction provided by the Trespassers, and have Graffitied and left their spray Cans lying around the Season 7 map.

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We are on clean-up duty this week, so let’s find the Spray Cans and Graffiti!

Where to Find Spray Cans at Dirty Docks

Fortnite Season 7 Spray Cans Dirty Docks
Spray Cans at Dirty Docks. | © Epic Games

Keep in mind, the Spay Cans are rather small, so they could be hard to spot in each of their marked locations. Just make sure to search every corner, and behind every box in each of the buildings at Dirty Docks and you should have no problem locating them.

Where to Find Spray Cans at Pleasant Park

Fortnite Season 7 Spray Cans Pleasant Park
The Right side of the park has more Spray Cans. | © Epic Games

When it comes to Fortnite, Pleasant Park is a bit of a hot zone for fighting, looting, and car access. Trying to find Spray Cans here is going to be a challenge, so be on your guard, or you're likely to be killed before you complete your quest. The right portion of the park has a higher concentration of Spray Cans, so start in the south and work your way up the right side of the POI and you should be able to come across a few Spay Cans.

That's it for the Spray Cans and if you are looking for a brief overview of all challenges in week 2 of Fortnite Season 7, we got you covered.

Where to Find Graffiti Near Catty Corner

Fortnite Season 7 Graffiti
The tunnel near the mountain | © Epic Games

Catty Corner is more a reference point, as the location of the Graffiti is actually located at the dead-end tunnel that heads into the snowy mountains. Follow the road northeast of Catty Corner and you should quickly come across a road that heads directly south into the base of the mountain. At the end of this road, you will find Graffiti spots on the walls near the tunnel with the blocked-off entrance.

Where to Find Graffiti Near Slurpy Swamp

fortntie season 7 graf
One near the building the other across the river. | © Epic Games

Slurpy Swamp is more of a starting point, as the location of Graffiti is actually located near a large building east of Slurpy Swamp. The first Grfitit spot is hiding on the walls surrounding this building and not on the building itself. The second Graffiti spot is located across the swampy river to the northeast and at the bottom of the cliff near the dam. It is below the dam, so just jump across the river from the first Graffiti location.

There you have it, two challenges in the bag, and for more XP make sure to find the Rubber Ducks for the legendary quest!

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