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It's getting really fast in Fortnite!

The New Ferrari 296 GTB Comes to Fortnite

Fortnite Ferrari
Boy, I can't wait to drive that bad-boy Ferrari in Fortnite! | © Ferrari/Epic Games

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen! Fortnite's new Ferrari crossover is bringing the Ferrari 296 GTB to Fortnite as a drivable car!

The list of crossovers in Fortnite is getting longer and longer, and has achieved something that no other game has managed before. Epic Games has, to date, teamed up with Marvel, DC Comics, The Walking Dead, PlayStation, Xbox, Jordan, Travis Scott, and most recently, LeBron James. That was only a few of the crossover-events we've seen!

Now, for the first time in Fortnite's history, a car manufacturer is also involved. The 2022 model of the sexy hybrid vehicle will soon be added to Fortnite, as Ferrari announced on Twitter. It looks like the Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB could become a completely new in-game car model!

What is the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite

Judging by the original 296 GTB, the Fortnite Ferrari 296 will likely have only two seats, so trios and quads will have to find another vehicle. The cars in Fortnite offer a diversity of seats, horsepower, fuel, and off-road driving, but it is a tad bizarre that they would choose a vehicle with so few seats.

The car from which the in-game model is inspired comes with a supercharged V-6 engine, and 818 Horse Power in real life. It's also capable of all-electric driving, and is slated to come out for around $250,000 USD later this year. Holy-moley, now that sounds smokin'!

The Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB will, most likely, behave similarly to the current Whiplash sports car: lightning-fast on paved roads, but unpredictable on grass and dirt.

Fortnite introduced drivable cars back in Chapter 2, Season 3, when Epic first flooded the map and then gradually let the water recede, to make way for street racing. However, none of the previous vehicles were based on a real-life model.

I can imagine a Ferrari manager sitting somewhere in his office, cheering and delighted at how early the company can build brand loyalty – with the Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari can build brand loyalty even in children... bizarre, right?

I can even picture kids running around outside, hanging onto their parent's skirts and shirts, and excitedly shouting that a Fortnite car is driving past on the street. Epic Games, Ferrari, we have to salute you: this is pretty brilliant marketing!

When is the Ferrari 296 GTB Coming to Fortnite?

Believe it or not, the Ferrari 296 GTB should appear in Fortnite today! Ferrari itself posted the following on Twitter:

The new Ferrari 296 GTB was developed to increase the fun to drive. And from tomorrow, it will also be Funto Play on @FortniteGame.

We can expect that there will be an impromptu update later today, to bring this new Monster Cart into play. So, stay tuned for the Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB – it's going to rock our socks off!

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This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.