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Epic Games Threatens to Ban Fortnite Pro Clix for Betting on Matches

Epic Threatens to Ban Clix in Fortnite for Betting
The man, the myth, the legend: Clix. (Credit: Clix - Twitch)

The Fortnite pro, Clix, who is best known for his side wagers in Fortnite’s very competitive creative mode: Box Fights or Zone Wars, was threatened with a ban by Epic Games.

who is best known for his insane 100-0 win streak in the Box Fight Arena got a DM from Epic Games telling him to quit betting on Box Fight Arenas or suffer a perma-ban from Fortnite. The pro followed suit and will no longer make side bets on his Box Arena matches in creative mode.

What Are Box Fights in Fortnite Creative Mode?

Box Fights, sometimes also called Zone Wars or Box Arenas, are simple in concept: 1v1 deathmatches where only building and shooting is allowed. The mode is great for practicing your building and shooting skills in Fortnite with nearly all RNG removed. Many people can attest to the randomness of Fortnite’s battle royale mode: Sometimes you just lose lobbies because you get 3rd party'd by someone rocking a Primal Shotgun and there is not much you can do about it. Thus, there is a large portion of skilled Fortniters that have created the Box Arena, which simply pits two players or two squads against each other in a deathmatch. Get the kill, get the win! Simple.

Pros often face off in Box Fights and wager on their success or failure. A great way to earn some cash between tournaments. But, it is clearly sports betting.

Why Does Epic Games Have a Problem with Box Fights?

  • Short Answer: Kids betting on the outcomes of matches and not buying skins.

Betting on the outcome of a Box Fight is one of those gray areas that depends on where you live and is nearly impossible to track or enforce otherwise. But, if you are underage, you bet your butt it will be illegal in your country to bet on anything at all. Keep in mind that Fortnite pros would also use this as a side hustle to make money off of Fortnite, because they have the skills to pay the bills and probably can beat most other players.

Box Fight Arena Fortnite Clix
The popular Fortnite Creative Mode: Box Fight (Credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games, on the other hand, wants kids to spend their parent’s money on skins, not on esports betting. If you’re going to steal mommy or daddy’s credit card, it's better you give Epic the money and not Clix or any other pro that is participating in Box Fight wagering. Fair enough Epic Games, but far from reality, as side bets and 3rd party markets exist in nearly every competitive game on the market. If the game is a popular esport, it has a 3rd party site willing to take a bet on the given pro match. This ban is purely a symbolic gesture made by Epic Games and will not stop anything.

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