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It's time to abduct them back!

How to Enter a UFO in Fortnite Season 7

How To Enter a UFO in Fortnite Season 7
Beam them up! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 is live and so are the challenges for this week. One of the challenges in Season 7 Week 2 will ask you to enter a UFO. Here's how!

The name of the latest season in Fortnite is Invasion and the theme is just right - a mix of aliens, UFOs, abductions, advanced weaponry, and more. The first week of Season 7 is already behind us and many players are already on the hunt for the challenges of Week 2. In order to complete them all, you'll have to get enter a UFO. We're here to show you how!

How To Enter a UFO in Fortnite Season 7?

In order to enter a UFO in Fortnite Season 7, you'll first have to find one, clear it, and then just interact with it. There are only a few flying saucers scattered around the map in Season 7: Invasion. The thing is, it's never the same, as UFOs are in a different location in each game.

Fortnite UFO locations
Look for the locations with a purple name! | © Epic Games

Don't worry though, finding a UFO might be challenging, but definitely not impossible. Just open your map and look around. If an area has a UFO in it, the name will be in purple, and that should help you locate one.

Now to the real question, how do you enter one? It's never easy with a UFO, you'll first have to get rid of the NPC inside it, and then enter it. That'll get you inside the UFO and allow you to fly it around the map. Once you're flying the UFO, use the gravity beam to lift up players and objects. Don't underestimate it, as it can give you or your team the edge in combat. In addition to the beam, the UFO also has a boost that will allow you to run away from danger.

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