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An exciting duo fight comes to an end.

The Duo Grand Final of the Rival Rock Series – Who Won the €1,000?

Rival Rock EarlyGame
Professional Fortnite players like Aqua, Stompy, and Benjyfishy took part in the event. (Credit: Rival Rock)

Yesterday, the monthly Fortnite Grand Finale of the Rival Rock Series took place. In it, we saw some top Fortnite pros like Stompy, Aqua, MrSavage, Benjyfishy, and more! How did the tournament go, and who took home the big prize money? We'll say this much: It was exciting.

The Rival Rock Series, which is backed by MYI Entertainment, is a monthly online tournament series for the community of the cult game "Fortnite" in the DACH region. Every month, prize money of €1,000 is awarded.

Yesterday, shortly after our EarlyGame Talk, the final of the tournament started at about 18:20. This was broadcast live on the official Twitch account of the Rival Rock Series. This month, players were allowed to duke it out with a mate. If you missed the stream, you can find out everything here - from the qualification to the prizes, to the lucky winners!

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To qualify for the finals of the Rival Rock Series and collect the prizes, the players had to participate in a total of 6 qualifier matches spread over several weeks. Of these, the top 9 duos automatically advanced to the subsequent Semi-Finals.

That is a total of 54 teams only from the qualifiers. 14 teams received a direct invitation and 32 teams made it through the "consistency". The final result was 100 teams split into the two semi-finals, followed by a grand final to determine the winners!

rival rock duo format
Here you can see the structure of the Rival Rock format. (Credit: Rival Rock)

The Winners

The final was exciting. The invites included big names like Stompy & Aqua, Nightsck & Hycr1s, Hen & Putrick ,аnd MrSavage & Benjy.

All the duos did an excellent job. With each round, it became more exciting and the players went head-to-head. But there could only be four winners. Korol1k and Sp1aash ended up in 4th place with a tidy 218 points and thus bagged €100 for themselves.

With 226 points, Kami and packo made it to third place and can be happy with prize money of €200.

Stompy and Aqua delivered as usual and with their excellent performance and 235 points, managed to snatch the silver medal and €300.

Skram and Refsgaard already showed who is the boss in the semis and carried this through to the final. With an incredible 261 points and thus a distance of 26 points to Aqua and Stompy, the two won the Rival Rock Series Grand Final and €400 prize money.

Congratulations from EarlyGame to the winners! Want to join the next Rival Rock Series tournament? Then join the Rival Rock Discord server and follow Rival Rock's Twitter account to make sure you don't miss the registration. Of course, we will keep you updated on EarlyGame as well!


Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.