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Dele can't catch a break recently

Dele Alli and Ruby Mae Split Because of Fortnite

Dele Alli and Ruby Mae are breaking up because of Fortnite
Dele Alli and Ruby Mae are breaking up because of Fortnite. (Credit: rube_mae via Instagram/ dele via Instagram)

Model Ruby Mae has broken up with England striker Dele Alli because she says he is obsessed with Fortnite.

The king of battle royales now appears to have driven a permanent wedge between Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli and his long-term girlfriend Ruby Mae. What's the story?

Who Is Dele Alli?

Bamidele "Dele" Jermaine Alli should be well known to most. For those who live under a rock:

Dele is an English footballer who is signed to Tottenham Hotspur and an England international. He has been in a relationship with model Ruby Mae since 2016. Now Fortnite, of all things, is said to have driven a wedge between the two lovers.

Dele Alli and Ruby Mae are breaking up
Dele Alli sure does love gaming. (Credit: dele via Instagram)

Relationship Breaking Up Because of Fortnite?

The Sun claims that friends of the 24-year-old model have revealed that she has been "upset" with Alli's gaming habits since their time together. And that he was "spending too much time playing Fortnite and not enough time with her."

Initially, Ruby had made fun of Alli's obsession with Fortnite, but it seems to have become a symptomatic problem within their relationship.

"She had enough of Delle's immature behavior and packed her bags", says the insider.

Of course, the break-up shouldn't be blamed solely on Fortnite, but it seems Ruby really had enough of the video game.

The Sun's source claimed Mae had become "furious" with Alli's behavior and went on to explain:

Their relationship has been turbulent and it feels very much like the end now. Ruby is sad but she's looking after herself now.

The 24-year-old is said to have already moved out of the house they share in London and unfollowed her ex on Instagram.

Hopefully, the Spurs star will be able to leave Fortnite and try to work things out with Mae. If that doesn't work out, he should at least get back to playing football, 'cause he hasn't been doing much of that recently too.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.