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Some leaks suggest a DC villain, which could soon come to Fortnite. Deathstroke!

Is a Deathstroke Skin Coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite Deathstroke Skin
Deathstroke makes his first appearance in the Batman x Fortnite comics. (Credit: Epic Games)

A new Fortnite leak has confirmed what many have already suspected: A Deathstroke skin from the DC universe is on its way to the game.

New Fortnite leaks confirmed speculation that the DC villain, Deathstroke will soon get his own skin in Fortnite. The Fortnite X DC Comics Batman series has both DC and Fortnite fans excited. 

The limited series brings a new Batman, a Harley Quinn skin, and other superheroes to the Fortnite world, along with some iconic villains. Among the villains featured in the comics is Deathstroke. Since all the characters in the comic are already in the Fortnite world, players assumed that Deathstroke would be the next DC character to get a Fortnite skin.

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Will There Be a Deathstroke Fortnite Skin?

Hypex, a well-known Fortnite data miner, tweeted a picture of a new glider that will be coming to Fortnite later. However, this wasn't just any glider. This glider is used by Deathstroke in issue 4 of the comic.

We don't have a leaked Deathstroke skin yet, but this glider and its appearance in the Fortnite x Batman comics is enough to confirm that Deathstroke will be coming to Fortnite at some point. We'll have to wait and see if this will happen via the item store or via a limited-time tournament.

When Will the Deathstroke Skin Be Available in Fortnite?

The first issue of the comic will be published tomorrow, April 20, 2021. After issue 1, further issues will be published twice a month: on May 4 and 18, and then on June 1 and 15. The six-issue series will conclude with an exciting finale on July 6. According to further leakers, the Deathstroke glider will be the secret reward of issue 4, which will be released on June 1. Accordingly, we think that the Deathstroke skin will also be released around June 1.

Deathstroke isn't the only Fortnite skin from the DC comic coming to Fortnite. Epic recently announced that players who purchase the comics will receive a code for a free cosmetic item. Issue 1 will include an exclusive Rebirth Harley Quinn skin.

We at EarlyGame will keep you updated on all Fortnite news in our Fortnite section.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.