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Go Build some Wood Hatcheries!

Where to Construct a Wooden Hatchery & Stoke Campfires in Fortnite

wooden hactchery fortnite season 7
Construct a hatchery at one of two locations | © Epic Games

Let’s construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite and after that, go stoke a campfire! Then, you will be one step closer to completing all Week 7’s Legendary Quests that are now available. There are 3 locations you can test your carpentry skills by building hatcheries, and we show you exactly where to go.

Before you set out on Week 7’s Legendary Quests, have you finished off all the challenges from Week 6? Don’t delay, because the Week 6 challenges will disappear soon, so why not go and plant some saplings for some easy XP!

We could vibe, and tell you there is some secret meaning to this legendary quest, but we will save you the speculation and just tell you hatcheries are for...hatching? Sorry, we got nothing, so let's just get on with doing the quest!

Where to Construct a Wooden Hatchery near Craggy Cliffs

wooden hactchery fortnite season 7
Head to the small island | © Epic Games

Pop open that map, and head towards Craggy Cliffs, you are going to the island in the northwest. As always, we suggest you glide from the Battle Bus. This way, you can see how many other players are going to ruin your XP dreams and try to construct that Hatchery before you can do it yourself.

  • The Hatchery is on the south part of the island in the sand near the cliff face.

After you interact with the build location, you will complete the quest and earn 30K XP for your Battle Pass. For this quest, you only need to construct one hatchery, and then you’re done, but there is more! Nearby the Hatchery you just built, is a campfire that needs some stoking.

Where to Stoke Different Campfires near Craggy Cliff’s Hatchery

Directly beside the Hatchery you just made on the Island near Craggy Cliffs, you can stoke the campfire and make progress on another Legendary Quest from Week 7. For this Legendary Quest, you need to stoke (2) campfires, so let's go across the map and check out the other locations for constructing a wooden hatchery

Where to Build a Wooden Hatchery near Slurpy Swamp

wooden hatchery fortnite season 7
Head South of Slurpy Swamp | © Epic Games

Head directly south of Slurpy Swamp and you will find the other construction site for the wooden Hatchery. Construct the hatchery, but do not forget to stoke the campfire directly beside it. 

There is one more location you can construct a wooden hatchery on the season 7 map, so let's go. Keep in mind, if another player beats you to the location first, you will not be able to complete the quest at this location. Therefore, you need to go to another location or just join a new lobby. In Fortnite, each quest location can only be completed once by a single player.

Where to Construct a Wooden Hatchery East of Catty Corner 

wooden hatchery Fortnite season 7
Over the mountain and on the cliff | © Epic Games

This wood hatchery location is east of Catty Corner, past the large snowy mountain, on a cliff below the snowy basecamp. Here, you can construct a wooden hatchery and stoke a campfire to complete the Legendary Quest. 

That wraps up this Legendary Quest guide and keep in mind, you still have a chance to place cow decoys for Week 6 Challenges.

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