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First Confront and then go spoil them!

Where to Confront The Mole & How to Spoil their Sabotage in Fortnite

Confront and Spoil the Mole Fortnite
Confront the Mole and Spoil their plans! | © Epic Games

We will miss you Fortnite Season 7! But just not yet! In the week 14 legendary quests, we are back to our spy vs. spy theme and need to confront the Mole and spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt, so let’s find out where you need to go to do it.

Maybe you are too distracted by the upcoming Season 7 Skyfire event to bother completing some challenges. However, there are still some new challenges to distract you in this last week of Fortnite. Like Where to Place Warning Signs. Anyway, you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to complete this challenge, so here's how.

Where to Confront the Mole in Fortnite

Confront and Spoil the Mole Fortnite
You can see the chat Icon! | © Epic Games

The mole is hiding inside of the Satellite Station that lies between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. The IO dish station is also directly north of Corny Complex and you can find the Mole inside the main building on the top floor. You will actually see the chat icon through the buildings. Oh, and is it a spoiler if I tell you the mole is Maven?

To finish this quest, simply run up to the Maven NPC and click through the dialogue options. After you finish the short conversation you will be thrown back by a gust of wind and the NPC will become hostile, but you can just escape as the quest will have already been completed. 

Now, it’s time to go spoil the mole’s sabotage attempt!

Where to Spoil The Mole’s Sabotage Attempt

Confront and Spoil the Mole Fortnite
The orb is on a floating island | © Epic Games

You are heading to the center of Corny Complex and you are looking for a giant alien orb-looking thingy. The orb is located on a floating island just east of the center of Corny Complex. You will enter zero g’s when you are close enough to the floating island, and you should be able to jump up to it and interact with the alien orb hanging off the edge of the lower level of the island. The orb is just outside the compound doors. This action spoils the mole’s sabotage attempt and earns you some easy XP.

Take note, you do not actually have to confront the mole first, and you can complete both of these challenges in any order. Done and dusted, another challenge, another chunk of XP! If you can't get enough, then check out our dedicated challenge guides section for Fortnite.

If you finish all the legendary quests for Fortnite Season 7, Week 14, you'll be rewarded with an Invasion background! Worth it? Not sure, but you can let us know on Twitter.