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Meowscles will be happy.

How To Collect Cat Food in Fortnite

Fortnite Meowscles
Meowscles will be happy! | © Epic Games

A new legendary challenge has appeared in Fortnite and requires you to find a large box full of cans of "delicious" food, perfect for the cat lovers among you. We'll show you where to find the cat food on the map.

You thought the cat food for Week 3's legendary challenge was in Catty Corner? You thought wrong! You can find a total of four boxes of cat food, but luckily you only need to collect two to complete the challenge.

The quest should actually be completed pretty quickly once you know where to look. So let's Go, let's grab the goodies!

Where Is the Cat Food in Dirty Docks?

There are two locations on Fortnite Island with two boxes of cat food each that you can find. The first location is Dirty Docks, where presumably, a couple of freighters have lost their goods. Both in the Dirty Docks harbor and by the shipping containers, there are a few cans next to large crates with cat logos on them. These, though oddly sized and looking like canned fruit, are the cat food you need to pick up. You can find the exact locations at the bottom of the map.

Fortnite Cat Food
This is where the cat food is located in Dirty Docks. | © Epic Games

Where Is the Cat Food Located in Retail Row?

Retail Row is the second place where you can find cat food. The cat food is located in the supermarket in Retail Row. Don't worry, you don't have to pay for it. Go around the supermarket and go to the back wall near Abstract. Interact with the crate to collect it. For the second crate, you need to go inside the supermarket. Again, you can find it on the back wall.

Fortnite Cat Food Retail Row
This is where the cat food is located in Retail Row. | © Epic Games

Once you collect the two cat food packs, you'll get some nice bonus XP for your Battle Pass. NomNom...

By the way, you can get some other rewards here:

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.