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The Best Weapon Loadouts in Fortnite Season 7

weapon loadouts fortnite season 7
Try out these loadouts! | © Epic Games

Today, we are going to talk about the different weapon combinations, or better know as weapon loadouts, that will help you dominate the battlefield in Fortnite Season 7. We have 3 different weapon loadouts that you can try out. See which loadout suits your play style and feel free to make your own modifications to them. 

These weapon loadouts will help you win more lobbies, so why not pair them with the most Sweaty Skins in Fortnite.

There is no "best" loadout in Fortnite – it is all about your style and skill that will ultimately get you that high kill count or Victory Royale. Feel free to swap in or out the healing items, as they are really just suggestions, but the weapons shown here are at the core of each loadout.

Railgun-Recon Scanner Weapon Loadout

weapon loadouts fortnite season 7
A deadly Combo! | © Epic Games
  1. Pulse Rifle 
  2. Railgun
  3. Recon Scanner
  4. Pump Shotgun 
  5. Healing Item (Bandages or Minis)

The Pulse Rifle is an amazingly versatile weapon for almost any combat situation in Fortnite Season 7. It has great first shot accuracy when looking down the scope and is this season's Infantry Rifle that was recently vaulted. When firing from the hip, it is excellent at dealing damage to builds and allows you to shred walls when it comes down to a box-fight.

The Railgun has been called the OP weapon of the season. It does massive damage and even shoots through walls, so if you combine this with the Recon Scanner which reveals nearby enemy player locations, you have a deadly combo. Reveal a player and then shoot them through the wall — they will literally never see it coming. 

We included the Pump Shotgun in our loadout but feel free to swap it out with whatever close-range weapon you prefer.

Bolt-Action Sniper Weapon Loadout 

A loadout for snipers | © Epic Games
  1. Bolt-Action Sniper
  2. Railgun
  3. Pump Shotgun
  4. Flex Slot 
  5. Healing item (Bandage or Minis) 

It's back! A true sniper rifle returns to Season 7 of Fortnite. Thankfully, the bows are gone and while they were fun, we doubt they will be missed. Use the Bolt Action Sniper to scout out players and try to get a headshot kill. If you miss, there is no need to worry, as the Railgun will allow you to blast any player who quickly boxes themselves up. The same goes for any player who thinks they can run behind cover, as nothing escapes the Railgun if you got the aim.

In this long-range build, we expect you to camp more and avoid close combat if possible. Again, we go with a Pump Shotgun for when the battle comes down to the close combat build phase. With this build, we have included a flex slot, so you can transition out of a long-range build to a close combat build, as the storm limits space on the map.

Close-Combat Kymera Weapon Loadout

weapon loadouts fortnite season 7
Get the jump on your target! | © Epic Games
  1. Pump Shotgun
  2. Kymera Raygun
  3. Launchpad
  4. Flex Slot (We recommend the Pulse Rifle)
  5. Healing Items

If sniping is not your thing, and you would much rather take the battle to your target, then this loadout is perfect for you. The goal here will be to use launch pads to get the jump on your target. You will want a shotgun for obvious reasons, and feel free to swap in your preferred shotty. The Lever, Tactical, and Pump shotguns all have similar stats, and it is more about what one you are better with. We added the Kymera Raygun because it deals damage quickly and gives the loadout some much-needed reach, but keep in mind: the Raygun does very little damage to buildings.

Also, many building materials will help you with this build, as you will be forcing box fights early and often. We threw in a Pulse Rifle because it's just so freaking good at destroying builds, but another shotgun or an SMG could also suffice.

Surely, one of these 3 loadouts tickles your fancy and brings out your inner unicorn! But all joking aside, they are all legit. Always keep in mind that the game at hand should change the way you play, don't blindly follow a loadout. Feel free to use what guns you can find, and just think of these loadouts as the optimal choice if given one.

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