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Where is the best place to view your stats?

The Best Fortnite Trackers

Fortnite Tracker
Track your K/Ds in Fortnite (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite trackers can give you an accurate insight into the various statistics of you and your team's performance during and after matches. We will show you the best trackers available for Fortnite, so you can keep track of your K/D ratios and hopefully improve your skills.

In the Fortnite Career tab, there are a lot of statistics that show how good of a player you are. Here, you can see the total number of games you've played, your victories, and the number of kills you and your friends have secured. But you can get even more info through a Fortnite Tracker. A kind of digital tracker that records different metrics from your matches. A feature native to a lot of MOBAs, but seriously lacking in Fortnite. 

What Are Fortnite Trackers?

Fortnite trackers allows Fortnite players to check their current stats or those of their opponents. For this purpose, there are various websites where you can view the following things:

  • Number of hours played
  • Win rate
  • Eliminations on average
  • Placement in the world rankings

What are the Best Fortnite Trackers?

Fortnitetracker is probably the best Fortnite Tracker and can be found at This tracker offers not only current stats, but also Fortnite challenges, detailed stats about Fortnite events like the World Cup, and the items from the daily Fortnite item store.

Playerauctions is also an excellent tracker. If you don't want to see anything but your stats, and presented in a nice and clear way, then Playerauctions is the place. Here, you have all the most important points at a glance and no other clutter or nonsense. 

Time to get sweaty, and well the Fortnite devs. made the tragic error of renaming Sweaty Sands to Believer Beach, we hope these trackers will improve your success in securing some Victory Royales! 

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