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The Best Fortnite Deathrun Maps

Fortnite Deathrun

Challenge yourself with these four Fortnite Deathrun maps! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

To give Fortnite's players more freedom, Epic Games have added the creative mode. Players have the opportunity to create maps and present them to the community. Among them are the popular Deathruns and now we're gonna show you the four best Deathrun Maps.

With the introduction of Creative Mode, Fortnite has been expanded to newer frontiers beyond imagination. The popularity of Parkour, Deathrun and Training maps is hard to ignore. Players have the opportunity to challenge their friends on these creative, ready-made Fortnite maps and refine their movement skills in the game.

In the past, Deathruns have been heavily criticized by various content creators. Most of these maps are difficult to master on the first attempt. Despite that, these maps are very interesting for the viewers. That contributes to the popularity of these Deathrun courses as the demand for them has increased significantly.

To complete a Deathrun, all you have to do is select the Creative Mode in the main menu and then interact with the terminals or displays next to the cracks in the lobby. You can enter the code of your selected map there.

Top 4 Deathrun Maps

We've picked out four of the best and most diverse Deathrun maps that will make you sweat. We wish you a lot of fun while completing them!

100 Level Default Deathrun

  • Code: 2359-3574-9339

You are new to Deathruns? Then we have the perfect beginners map for you. The 100 Level Default Deathrun guides you (as the name suggests) through 100 levels. These are easy to master, especially for beginners, although the challenges become more difficult from level to level.

100 Level Default Deathrun. (Video credit: JDuth via YouTube)

First Person Deathrun

  • Code: 2876-1894-8328

You always wanted to experience Fortnite in first person perspective? Then this Deathrun Map is a special recommendation for you. In the first-person perspective you fight your way through dreamlike neon worlds and play Fortnite like a completely new game. This map is definitely worth a try for the curious ones!

First Person Deathrun. (Video credit: Biffle via YouTube)

Duo Deathrun

  • Code: 0462-1277-2396

Playing alone is too boring for you? Don't worry, there's Duo Deathrun for you! Grab your partner and get going. Better find someone you can trust, because you won't make it to the finish line alone.

Duo Deathrun. (Video credit: Fraction Productions via YouTube)

Cizzorz Death Maze/ Escape

  • Code: 4041-8511-7061

At last, we have something very special for the professionals among you. Cizzorz Death Maze/Escape is definitely not for those lacking in patience. You'll need a few tries before you find the right path and manage to escape this maze.

Cizzorz Death Maze/Escape. (Video credit: Cizzorz via YouTube)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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