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Another day, another Fortnite leak. But armed cars? Well, that's awesome!

Armed Cars Leaked in Fortnite? Hell Yeah!

Fortnite Leak Armed Vehicles
Vehicles in Fortnite could soon be equipped with weapons. Awesome! (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite fans could be in for big changes soon – more specifically, for their in-game vehicles. According to a recent leak, it will be possible to upgrade your cars in a future update – with various extras, and even weapons! That's rad, but also kind of scary...

Fortnite offers many different vehicles to move you about the map – from cars, to boats! Oh, and we haven't forgotten the overpowered planes, Epic Games! We also don't want to leave unmentioned that we jump out of a bus at the beginning. But, for some vehicles, it seems that there will be bigger innovations in the future – if you believe the leaks!


fortnite fish man dancing
Credit: Giphy

On Twitter, well-known Fortnite data miner HYPEX was one of the first to report possible mods for your vehicles. Apparently, it could soon be possible to attach equipment to your vehicle! Imagine this: You race across the map with a gun attached to your car, shooting down your opponents. ACTION MOVIE ALERT!

It won't just be weapon mods, though, as there are also other types of equipment that could be added to buff your vehicles, if these rumors are to be believed. Things like tires that behave differently on different surfaces, like grass or mud, could be a pretty stupendous addition to the game! Check out the leaker's tweet, here:

We bet that you are hyped – so are we! At the same time, however, let's be a tad cautious, as this is just a leak for now. We still remember the planes that were taken out of Fortnite shortly after their release for being INSANELY overpowered. So, perhaps, this could also end up being a tad broken? Well, let's wait and see!

Fortnite Planes
Planes were super overpowered in Fortnite! Could vehicle weapon mods go better? (Credit: Epic Games)

It is still unclear when these mods will be released in Fortnite, or whether they will be released at all! Maybe they are already a first hint for an upcoming Season 6? Who knows? But, if we find out more, you're already in the right place!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Fabian Ruppert.