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It was only a matter of time

Aloy Is Coming to Fortnite!

Aloy Fortnite skin
Aloy chilling with Fishstick? (Credit: Epic Games)

Chapter 2 Season 6 in Fortnite introduced different types of bows and the option to craft them. Considering there's already a Lara Croft skin in the game, it only makes sense that an Aloy skin will follow next.

You've probably heard of Horizon Zero Dawn and its upcoming sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Set in the future, giant robot dinosaurs roam the Earth and humans hunt them with bows and arrows. A perfect setting you might say. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 added mechanical and primal bows and that should've tipped us off instantly, that the main character from the Horizon series, Aloy, will be making her way into the battle royale.

Data miners were quick to uncover some images featuring Aloy. Along with that, there are already rumors of a special event featuring Lara Croft and Aloy

In addition, the Aloy skin will have a second style themed after Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds. Since the Horizon games are PlayStation exclusives, it wouldn't be surprising if the skin was strictly limited to PS5 players, or at least offers them some special benefits. Aloy won't be the first PlayStation action hero to make it into Fortnite, as we've already seen the God of War himself, when Kratos was added.

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When Will Aloy be Released in Fortnite?

Aloy's release into Fortnite is inevitable at this point, and we're all waiting on the official announcement by Epic Games. So far we can only rely on data miners, and they're pointing towards April 15 as the big day.

Thursday seems like a proper guess, if we had to make one, as that's usually the day weekly challenges get released as well. Epic will probably combine the two and add the new event with Lara and Aloy. Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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