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All We Know About The Predator in Fortnite

The Predator in Fortnite
The Predator adds the Fortnite map to his hunting grounds. (Credit: Epic Games/Screenrant)

Fortnite Season 5 is all about the hunt. Several well-known hunters from pop culture history have been added to the Battle Royale over the season and now the next legend is coming: The Predator!

It's been simmering in the rumour mill since the beginning of the season and now it's finally confirmed: The Predator is coming to Fortnite. The mysterious alien, one of pop culture's most dangerous hunters, joins the hunt. The Predator is this season's Secret Skin or Secret Character. Meaning that anything that revolves around him is part of the Mysterious Rewards in the Battle Pass.

Fortnite Predator Spray
A few Predator items are already available in the Battle Pass. The rest will be available next week. (Credit: Epic Games)

Currently, you can unlock three Predator items in the Battle Pass: a banner icon with the Predator's design, his plasma launcher crosshairs as an emoticon and a Predator design as a spray. The remaining six items should become available next Wednesday or Thursday. The items are linked to a series of new challenges - the Jungle Hunter missions.

That's all the official info we have. As always, leaks came out revealing more than intended.

Once again, ShiinaBR has taken to Twitter to reveal some interesting information about the new hunting star in Fortnite:

  • The Predator skin, which will likely be unlocked after completing all Jungle Hunter missions, will be available in two different variants: with and without his iconic mask.
  • The Predator, or someone related to the alien hunter, will be joining Fortnite as an NPC.
  • Last but not least, the Back Bling, which will be part of the Predator set, was revealed and it looks damn awesome!

This time the info we have on the topic really does come to an end. We are very much looking forward to the upcoming integration of the Predator during Fortnite Season 5. Have a good hunt!

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