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Fortnite Week 13, the end is near!

All Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 Challenges

Marigold's Dead Drop Fortnite
The Dead Drop's Location | © Epic Games

We have put together a very quick guide for three of the harder-to-do Fortnite week 13 challenges in Fortnite Season 7. We show you where to repair IO equipment, destroy stolen IO intel, and where to get Marigold’s message from the dead drop.

We are so close to the end of Season 7, so it is essential to finish off your Battle Pass and earn every star and skin possible. Make sure to check out all the Challenges for week 13, so you do not miss a single point of XP!

Let’s dive into the Fortnite week 13’s challenges.

Where to Repair IO Equipment

For this challenge, you need to repair two pieces of IO equipment, and there are the three following places you can go on the Season 7 Map.

Repair IO Equipment at:

  • The eastern portion of the Weeping Woods between the large building and satellite dish.
  • East of Craggy Cliffs on top of the cliff inside the main building of the Dish Station
  • South of Misty Meadows, head to the Dish next to the snowy mountain, the IO Equipment is across from the dish.

Where to Destroy the Stolen IO Intel

IO Intel Location
IO Intel Location | © Epic Games

The IO Intel is next to the river that divides Corny Complex from Dirty Docks. If you start at the bridge and follow the river north towards steamy Stack, you will find the intel on the eastern riverbank.

Where to Get Marigold’s Message From the Dead Drop

Marigold's Dead Drop Fortnite
The Dead Drop is east of Weeping Wood | © Epic Games

The location of the dead drop is in the middle of nowhere on the Season 7 map. It is a small tree stump located between the Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake and since it is a lot of ground to cover on foot, we suggest you grab a car or flying saucer to save you some time. You will find Marigold’s dead drop just north of the small pond close to the Satellite Station under a tree. Like in every challenge, if you are too slow and another player interacts with the location before you can, you will need to start a new lobby, because each challenge can only be completed once per map.

There you have it! Hopefully, our quick guide was helpful in completing these challenges, and now we must wait and see what crazy event Epic Games has planned for the end of Season 7!

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