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These NPCs sell you rifts

Where to Activate Rifts by Purchasing Them in Fortnite

Rift NPCs Fortntie Season 7
Don't forget your gold bars! | © Epic Games

We will miss you Fortnite Season 7! But not just yet! In the week 14 epic quests, we need to find an NPC and purchase a rift so you can activate it. Let's look at exactly where each Rift NPC is on the Season 7 Map. 

Maybe you are too distracted by the upcoming Season 7 Skyfire event to bother completing some challenges. However, there are still some new challenges to distract you in this last week of Fortnite. Like Where to Place Warning Signs or Where to Confront The Mole & How to Spoil their Sabotage in Fortnite. Moving on to the quest at hand!

Where to Find an NPC that Sells Rifts 

Activate Rifts in Fortnite NPCs
Three NPCs sell rifts | © Epic Games

There are only 3 NPCs on the season 7 map that will sell you a rift, and they are all located in the southwestern section of the battlefield. This means this area should be quite busy with players at the start of a match. 

There are 3 NPCs that sell you a rift:

  • Beast Boy: Located in the Weeping Woods on the bridge over the river in the center of the woods.
  • Rick Sanchez: Located in the Dish Station just east of Weeping Woods.
  • Bunker Jonesy: Located in the far south of the map on a cliff overlooking the beach, just past Misty Meadows.

In all three cases, the NPCs will sell you a rift for 245 gold bars, and then it will appear next to the NPC. Simply interact with the rift to complete the quest. Remember that rifts cannot be picked up and remain stationary for a short period of time before despawning. Perhaps Bunker Jonsey will be the area with less traffic, as it is fairly isolated and might be the best place to easily complete this quest. Completing this quest will net you a sweet 30k XP!

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If you finish all the legendary quests for Fortnite Season 7, Week 14, you'll be rewarded with an Invasion background! Worth it? Not sure, but you can let us know on Twitter.