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Fortnite Wolverine Guide: Defeat the Bad Wolf Like Little Red Riding Hood!

Wolverine Fortnite location

Where to find Wolverine in Fortnite? (Image credit: Epic Games)

With the new Fortnite Patch 14.20 a new boss appeared on the Battle-Royale map. We show you where to find Wolverine in Fortnite and how you can defeat him.

"But grandma, why do you have such big claws???" But yeah, Fortnite decided against the Grimm version of the wolf and presents Wolverine - according to the superhero manner of the game. And now Wolverine is no longer just an unlockable Battle Pass skin. With yesterday's update v14.20 it was added to the Fortnite Battle Royale mode as an enemy. Before the patch there were only two bosses for players to fight, whereas in the previous Chapter 2 Seasons there were 5 bosses on the map.

Fortnites Season 4 only started with the Dr. Doom Boss, who had to be defeated. After defeating Dr. Doom, he drops his two mythical superpowers. The v14.10 update, released two weeks ago, added the new location Stark Industries together with Iron Man.

Iron Man drops a mythical ability as well - the Unibeam. Surrounded by his Stark Robots, he is a hard enemy to take down. But what is the actual situation with Wolverine?

Where to Find Wolverine?

Actually you can already imagine it. Wolverine is naturally located where he feels at home, deep in Weeping Woods. But there is no exact place where you can find it. Unlike Iron Man and Doctor Doom, which are restricted to certain areas, the Wolverine can wander around Weeping Woods and can be found everywhere. So just keep your eyes open while you stroll through the woods like Little Red Riding Hood.

Wolverine Weeping Woods

Wolverine Location (Image credit: Epic Games)

How to Defeat Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the slightly lighter bosses in Fortnite. The reason is his abilities. If you play cleverly, you will kill him from a distance before he gets too close to you. Despite its ability to reduce the distance to you, it should not be too much of an obstacle. Just try to keep your distance and not to get near his claws. Once the boss is defeated, he drops a mythical weapon that you can pick up.

Mythical Ability: Wolverine Claws

Since he is quite easy to defeat, he only drops one mythical ability: Wolverine Claws. Players can perform fast melee combos with their claws as well as dashing fast over distances. This means that damage can be caused more quickly. It's also perfect for some sneaky surprise attacks. But take care - you must remember that this weapon is not for distance. So do not rely too much on the sharp claws.

Wolverines Superkraft

Wolverine claws (Image credit: Epic Games)

We hope we could help you with our little Wolverine Guide. Stay with EarlyGame for more news around Fortnite. You also should check out our EarlyGame YouTube Channel!

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