Will the visitor return to the map?

Fortnite: What Is the Secret Behind the Spaceship?

Starship Fortnite

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Fortnite fans can soon discover a new point of interest - a spaceship and the Ancient Astronaut. Here's everything you need to know about the new POI, where it is located and the challenges involved.

With patch 13.30, some data miner found more screenshots that showed a crashed spaceship with an astronaut sitting in it. With it, there will be some challenges, which have to be met. In addition, the new POI could be connected to the story of Fortnite and possibly give hints about what will come in the future.

Where is the Spaceship Located?

The Ancient Astronaut spaceship is located north of Craggy Cliffs off the north coast. The mystery is still covered by water, but the outlines can already be seen underwater. You only have to swim a little in the water and keep your eyes open. The spaceship will probably be revealed with one of the upcoming water updates.

What's Behind All This?

The crashed spacecraft is definitely giving us vibes. Plus, this kind of flashy location is added to Fortnite for a reason. We could be seeing the return of the Visitor or one of The Seven thanks to the new POI. The Ancient Astronaut's spaceship can also be associated with the plot of Fortnite's story.

Maybe the Astronaut Is One of the Seven?

Again, to repeat briefly: The Seven are an alien organization in Fortnite, with some previously known members: the Visitor, the Scientist, and Paradigm. They tried to destroy the Fortnite universe in the past to escape the loop. Even today we wonder who the remaining members of the Seven might be. Interestingly, the Ancient Astronaut can even be seen inside the crashed spacecraft in the re-enacted images.

It remains to be seen whether the astronaut will need some time to wake up from hypersleep and break out of this ship later in the season.

The Challenges of the Ancient Astronaut

Along with the astronaut, challenges were also leaked. It is not yet clear what reward we can earn with the tasks, but it will probably be items that are somehow themed after the astronaut. The tasks are as follows:

  • Find the ancient spaceship
  • Collect the missing parts of the spaceship
  • Install the missing parts on the spaceship
  • Install the heat shield
  • Install the engine
  • Find the Ancient Astronaut
  • Stop the ship start

So it's a matter of researching and repairing the spaceship and then preventing it from launching. Hmm... We don't know yet what Epic was thinking but chances are it won't be long until we find out.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news and check out EarlyGame for everything gaming and esports. In the meantime, we wish you good luck completing the remaining weekly challenges. Maybe we'll even see the cars make it into Fortnite at the same time the spaceship goes live.

Tasho Tashev

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