And you will even be able to play Logan!

Fortnite Week 6 Challenge: How to Unlock Wolverine?

Fortnite Wolverine

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Fortnite Week 6 is here and besides the Weekly Challenges, there is also a new Wolverine Challenge. What you have to do and what you get as a reward, you can find out here.

Today, Fortnite releases the new challenges of Week 6, where you can collect a bunch of XP. But there is also a new Wolverine Challenge: Defeat Wolverine.

How do I Defeat Wolverine?

Wolverine spawns in every game somewhere in Weeping Woods. That means you have to go looking for him first. Some players have even found him several times in the southern half of the area. It's best to land near the main building first in order to loot it. Then grab a car or truck from one of the nearby parking lots and drive through the forest until you find Wolverine.

Wolverine has regenerative abilities, so you need to do a lot of damage to him quickly to prevent him from healing. Wolverine is fast! He can use his claws to do damage in a larger area and cover larger distances quickly.

A more detailed guide to his abilities is here for you: Fortnite Wolverine Guide

What's the Reward for Defeating Wolverine?

After you defeat Wolverine, you will receive a Skin of the hero. You can then unlock more styles and rewards by completing the tasks while wearing his skin.

You get his classic style by completing 10 challenges in the 5th or 6th week.

Wolverine classic

Image Credit: Epic Games

To unlock the Logan style, you need to do the following:

  • Complete 6 Wolverine Challenges
  • Complete 60 Weekly Challenges

Now you can finally walk around on the map as Wolverine and scare the hell out of your opponents!

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