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Fortnite Week 10 Challenges: Everything You Need to Do!

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges

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Fortnite Season 3, Week 10 is here – and challenges are about to start sooner or later. Thanks to some dataminers we can now look at what to expect.

A lot of players made it pretty far in the Battle Pass, however some people that still need to grind up to level 100 and to the Eternal Knight. For all of you out there (and everybody who wants to farm XP) will be week 10´s challenge.

This Thursday the new Fortnite gauntlet will bring some XP and grant us some extra Levels fast. Luckily, this week's challenge will be as easy as last week's.

Season 3, Week 10 Challenges

  • Search 7 chests at The Authority
  • 3 Elimination at Misty Meadows
  • Collect 5 fireflies at Weeping Woods
  • Dance on the dance floor of Apre´s-Ski for 10 seconds
  • Destroy 7 containers at Dirty Docks
  • Deal 500 damage to your opponents with shotguns or SMGs
  • Deal 15,000 damage to your opponents with shotguns or SMGs
  • Search 7 ammunition boxes at Frenzy Farms

For every challenge you complete, you get 35,000 XP, except for challenge #7. It´s a team challenge that rewards 80,000 XP. So get three friends, a shotgun or SMG, and shoot the hell out of it!

Another challenge might have caught your attention. You probably wonder where the dance floor at Aprés-Ski is…

Aprés-Ski is the house on the mountainside with the view on Misty Meadows. Most players have landed there at least one or two times. Unfortunately, the name is not on the map, so we decided to show y'all where it is:

Apres Ski Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you are there, you´ll find the dance floor very quickly. It´s on the first floor, next to the speakers.

The other challenges are easily manageable.

Good luck while going out there and grinding some levels. You can also check out the Early Game Fortnite section. For more news on gaming and esports stay tuned to EarlyGame and check out the EarlyGame YouTube channel.

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