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Fortnite Weapon Tier List for Chapter 2, Season 3

Fortnite weapons

Fortnite weapon tier list. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite has always been known for its variety of weapons. With the new season, we finally got some new candidates with whom we can make life difficult for our opponents. But which weapons are actually the best at the moment? Spoilers: The new Flare Gun can look forward to a good start.

If you get a deep understanding of Fortnite's arsenal of weapons, you can not only make faster decisions but also increase your chances in battle. With the right inventory, anything is possible in Battle Royal.

That's why we've put together a comprehensive Weapon Tier List that explains which weapon works best in the game based on its rank.

Note: Of course, every player handles the different weapons differently and some have favorites, which for example have a lower rank in our list. Nevertheless we are going after the list and popularity among the general public and want to give an overview of the damage and shooting rate.
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What are the different weapon rarities?

There are six different rarities of weapons in Fortnite. The "better" the rarity of the weapon, the better its values. These can be easily distinguished by their color.

Starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest, the weapon levels are listed as follows:

  • Grey - Ordinary
  • Green - Unusual
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Orange - Legendary
Fortnite seltenheit 2

Weapons rarity levels (Image credit: Epic Games)

Another rarity level is also worth mentioning: Gold - Mythical.

This was introduced with the last season and can only be obtained by fighting one of the bosses on the map. And now to our actual weapon Tier List for Fortnite.

Fortnite Weapons D Tier


The pistol is probably the most boring weapon in the whole game. If it's the only thing you find and there's already an opponent coming, you just have to fire as many shots as possible in the vague direction of an opponent - and of course, hope and pray.

Fortnite Weapon C Tier

Machine pistol

Submachine guns have an excellent rate of fire and are excellent weapons that can be used alone or in teams to provide cover fire or destroy buildings at close range. Unfortunately, the lower rarity levels do not do much damage.


Just like the AUG variants, the FAMAS Burst Assault Rifle has undergone quite a change in Season 3. Instead of three shots, it now fires only two, which have increased speed. However, the DPS at close range is quite difficult to keep up with the normal assault rifle.

Charge shotgun

With the beginning of the third season, we received the new charge shotgun. This charge shotgun, however, is only of use if you have excellent timing and precision, as you have to charge this weapon - as the name suggests - first before each shot. It is therefore quite tricky to play with.

Fortnite Weapons B Tier

Tactical Shotgun

With both other shotguns getting removed from Season 3, and the charging shotgun proving to be very complex to play with, the tactical shotgun became a best friend to many. Although it has been nerfed and therefore doesn't make as much damage as it used to, it is still the close-range weapon that is now the most popular in its class.

Assault Rifle (M16)

The common assault rifle variant known as the M16 has always been a reliable choice in early gameplay. Although the M16 lags far behind the SCAR in numbers, it retains the same versatility and accuracy that makes the assault rifle class a solid pick.

Hunting Rifle

As the only sniper rifle in the game without a scope, the hunting rifle is designed to bridge the gap between the sniper and the assault rifles. Although it can be difficult to land shots at long distances despite the low bullet drop, the hunting rifle is a good choice for medium distances due to the bullet distribution, reload times, and damage.

Flare Gun

The Flare Gun was added to Fortnite with patch 13.20. It is not the perfect weapon for direct combat, but tactically it is very good to use because it can burn down whole buildings. In addition, if its flames are fired close to an enemy, the enemy is considered marked, so they can no longer hide from you. It remains to be seen how popular the weapon will actually become in the future, though.

Fortnite weapons A Tier


The epic and legendary variants of the burst assault rifle, commonly known as AUG, have seen an enormous increase in damage with the new season. Although its style has changed slightly, the AUG remains one of the most reliable weapons in Fortnite for medium range.

Sniper Rifle

A favorite of previous seasons, the bolt-action sniper rifle returns triumphantly in Chapter 2 Season 3. A highly skilled weapon, the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle shines shortly after jumping off the Battle Bus, where it can easily take down unprotected or injured enemies with a single hit. This comes at the price of being absolutely atrocious in a tight spot, but the weapon can be forgiven for that.


The epic and legendary variations of the submachine gun known as the P90 are in a slightly odd place in our Tier List after the start of Season 3. Although the weapon has been nerfed with the new update, in close combat it not only has impressive DPS, but also tears down buildings in seconds.

Kit's charge shotgun

The new shotgun added in Chapter 2, Season 3 is already causing heated debate among the players. While it can certainly do a lot of damage, the need to load it makes it a real liability, as already written. However, the mythical version, of "Kits' Charge Shotgun", is not only better due to its larger magazine size, but also does a lot more damage. Nevertheless, it takes quite some practice to be able to handle it, which is why it doesn't get into the S tier like the other boss weapons.

Fortnite Weapons S Tier

Ocean's Burst Assault Rifle

Although the mythical weapons in Chapter 2, Season 3 may not outshine their normal counterparts as much as in the previous season, they are still uniquely powerful. Ocean's Burst Assault Rifle not only has enormous damage but also great precision, making it a great medium to long range weapon.

Jules' Drum Gun

When Midas' Drum Gun was introduced in Season 2, it quickly proved to be one of the most powerful weapons ever added to the game. Now it has been replaced by Jules' Drum Gun, a version that is still a very effective weapon. With the mixture of assault rifle and SMG features, the Drum Gun shines at short or medium distances.

Rocket Launcher

With its extreme range and massive damage, the Rocket Launcher is perfect for driving players out of their fortifications and quickly killing them before they can rebuild. The unusual and rare rocket launchers have been removed with the new season, but the epic and legendary ones have survived and they remain among the most powerful weapons in the game.


Fortnite's eternal favorite, the epic and legendary SCAR assault rifle still holds its place in the S Tier. Although our beloved SCAR has been nerfed, it is still Fortnite's star in terms of precision and DPS.

That was our Fortnite Weapons Tier List. Which weapon is your all-time favorite and what do you think of the new Flare Gun? Write it down in the comments on our Facebook page. Everything about the new patch 13.20 and other changes that came with Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 can be found in our Fortnite section.

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