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Fortnite Update 12.20: Here's what's new

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Epic Games maintains the custom of publishing an update once every couple of weeks and patch 12.20 is no exception. Keep in mind that servers can be down for a good few hours before coming back again. As the servers have returned to normal EarlyGame has your Fortnite update fixes you need to get your game on properly.

What's new?

Fans with a keen eye might have noticed that Epic Games added numerous helipads in multiple locations on the Fortnite map, which is believed to be because of Call of Duty: Warzone releasing and rocking things up slightly for the Battle Royale genre.

Numerous leaks suggested that Helicopters would eventually make its way into Fortnite and it probably won't be long until Epic Games introduces a "Gulag" like a mode that Call of Duty has to keep things fresh for the stale game-play Fortnite has been accused of having in Season 2 Chapter 2.

The Choppa will be able to take your entire squad to a variety of loot locations so it's great for loot co-ordination so long as you're not shot down before you enter the sky. Choppa's will only be available in the core Fortnite modes with no mention of them in different modes for the future.

Known bug fixes

We have a good idea of the fixes that will arrive with Fortnite Battle Royale update 12.20 as the official community Trello board for Epic Games is kept up-to-date frequently for each patch.

  • Party Assist for Missions temporarily unavailable.
  • Harpoon Gun not catching loot.
  • Split Screen: Game freezes when leaving the party.
  • Unintentional Carry or Shakedown on the controller.
  • Unintentional Carry or Shakedown on the controller.
  • Replays not saving on PS4.
  • Hit Indicators show the wrong direction.
  • Increase in Sniper Rifle projectile discrepancies.
  • Deadpool Plunger is not visible on 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Auto Pick Up not functioning properly.
  • End of match: unable to return to Lobby, go to Item Shop or report the player.
  • Player markers placed too far away.
  • Stuck inside Porta Potty.
  • Buildings and structures may appear in low detail.
  • Unable to resume Auto-Sprint on PlayStation 4.
  • Unable to place trap the trap icon hasn't finished loading.

Console players can celebrate as the Auto-Sprint feature on PlayStation 4 is working as expected now and with the replays feature now working, you can finally get those epic clips you've been wanting to show your friends. The most important part of this update is the addition of the Choppa's which will create a much more fluid transition into different parts of the map (If you can make it that is).

We'll keep an eye on how the community reacts to this latest change coming into the game but it definitely changes the pace of the game up for sure. Server downtime is finished. For a full list of updates, you can check out the Trello board via Fortnite and Epic Games. Go get your drop on and let us know what you think of the latest updates!

Fortnite is free to play and available from the Epic Games store.

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