Now it is no longer the rarest skin in the game

Fortnite: The Recon Expert is back, but veterans aren't happy

Fortnite recon expert

The Recon Expert is back! (Image credit: Epic Games)

The Recon Expert Skin has always been considered the rarest skin in Fortnite. Today, May 28, it returns to the Item Shop after a 920-day absence.

For many, it was a strange moment when they looked into the Fortnite Item Shop in the morning and suddenly found the Recon Expert. This skin was first sold in October 2017, immediately after the Battle Royale mode was released for Fortnite. It hasn't been released in the Item Shop since November 11, 2017, just before Fortnite exploded in popularity and player population. With yesterday's release, the skin got another style, without a hat.

The negative side of the new edition

Only the true early fans of the Battle Royale game would have had this skin before yesterday, making it one of the rarest in the game. If you ran into it in the game, you could have bet on how the fight would end. Also on the internet, some accounts with the Recon Skin were sold for several hundred euro.

No wonder that the OG's are now throwing around rather angry opinions on the Internet. Unlike the rare Skull Trooper, for example, they didn't get another style variant with which they could at least distinguish themselves from the new Recon players. Some of them even go so far that they want to end their Fortnite career, or at least sell their account.

Just a bad move from Epic?

Many continue to accuse Epic of simply wanting to make money and "break" the skin. By selling it again, they turn it into another boring skin, because the only interesting thing about it from the beginning was its rarity. Now that it's back in the item shop, the only thing that really made it unique is gone. To be honest, though, that won't stop players from trying to get the "rare" skin for 1,200 V-Bucks in the item shop before they really stop and think about what a reissue means. Maybe Epic Games will be fair enough to provide the right OG's with another style variation afterwards.

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