Is someone at Epic Games leaking information to leakers?

Fortnite Skins Leaked for Chapter 2 Season 3

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Who looks out for the leaker? (Image credit: Epic Games)

We all like to see new Fortnite skins, don't we? But we never question how exactly leakers get their information and from who. However, in a recent Tweet, an Epic Games employee could be in big trouble.

Over the weekend, a mass amount of skins have leaked to the Fortnite community, calling into question how these leakers obtain their information. In a recent Tweet, a staff member at Epic Games could be behind the leaks, and they could be in trouble.

Someone at Epic Games could be in big trouble.

This Tweet was sent during the leaks that took place over the weekend, which showcased a ridiculous amount of skins that became known to the community. Leaks are naturally apparent, especially within the gaming community. However, a follow-up-tweet suggests it could be something much bigger.

If this is true, it could lead to something much more serious.

What's leaked?

Over the weekend a vast amount of skins, items and more were showcased to the community, calling into question how leakers obtained this information:

Dad Bod Jonesy. Thor in Fortnite? Yes please.

Team Heartbreak Set.

These were just some of the leaks that appeared over the weekend. Several more Tweets were posted with new skins, new details of upcoming changes, and much more. This originated back to prominent leaker HYPEX, who has commented further on the matter. HYPEX states that an Epic Games employee was not involved with leaks he had obtained.

What do you think? Internal leaker or not?

Regardless, the Fortnite community seems to be launching their own investigations into the matter. There has been no official response from Epic Games at the moment, so we need to wait to find out more and will keep you updated as things develop.

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