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How to Find All XP Coins: Fortnite Season 4, Week 7

Fortnite xp coins week 7

(Image Credit: Epic Games)

It's time to farm some XP again. But where can you find the XP coins from Fortnite season 4, Week 7? We show you here!

We are in the seventh week of Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 4 and we are already over halfway through the season. Besides completing the weekly challenges, you can always find XP coins on the map to collect for faster levels.

The coins in week 7 are a bit more difficult to find because they are located in different underground areas. By this, we mean inside buildings We will show you where.

All XP Coins From Season 4, Week 7

There are four green, three blue, two purple and one gold XP coin(s) that you can collect for Fortnite week 7.

Fortnite map xp coins season 4 week 7

All Week 7 XP Coins (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The gold coin is located on the map deep in the basement of Doctor Doom's domain. In Sweaty Sands, there is a gnome that needs to be broken to find a blue coin! The green coin, far to the northwest, is located in the old shark area, at the bottom of the rubble in a broken room. Most other coins should be relatively easy to find once you first enter the areas shown in the picture above.

For more XP you can complete the challenges for Week 6 and Week 7.

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