Fortnite Season 4 Week 2: All You Need to Know About the Next Challenge

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 upcoming challenges
The New Red She Hulk Design (Image Credit:

This week brings another set of 8 challenges with which you can gain massive amounts of XP. One of which is the new red She-Hulk which you can unlock.

The second week of Season 4 has begun and with it you’ll gain another chance to acquire enormous amounts of XP. With your Fortnite Nexus Wars Battle Pass you’ll be able to farm for skins from the Marvel crossover, though those levels require XP.

Through this week's challenges you’ll be able to add a whopping 225,000 XP onto your account – if you complete and finish them that is of course. But worry not! This week’s challenges are some of the easiest: one of the quests requires you to eliminate your opponents, while another is merely about stacking damage against the adversary.

The remaining challenges are easy to finish throughout the rounds, since you’ll only have to be in the correct region to get your experience.

What will you have to do in the coming week?

  • Search 7 Chests at Salty Springs
  • Eliminate 3 opponents at The Authority
  • Dance on top of 3 Sentinel heads at Sentinel Graveyard
  • Destroy 7 boats at Craggy Cliffs
  • <Dilboard Challenge 1> (4)
  • Ride a Motorboat under 3 different colored steel bridges
  • Search 7 S.H.I.E.L.D Chests inside Quinjets
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents at Catty Corner

As usual 7 of the challenges are quick solo plays through which you can gain a whopping 25,000 XP. The final challenge depends on your team play – so gather your friends and work together and those 50,000 XP are practically free. The quest consists of opening 7 chests in the Quinjets which spawn randomly each round.

Throughout this challenge you’ll have to take lots of boat trips, since you need to drive under various bridges – but be alert! The bridges you drive under have to have different colors.

Dilboard Challenge 1: What Was This Again?

Well this quest takes you to Ant Manor where you’ll have to bounce on various dog toys. There is a total of 6 which you can find at the Manor. Ant Manor is located in the north-west of the map. We’ve also added a video up top which can help you pinpoint this pit stop easily.

Good luck on your path to gaining all that XP. Are you going to participate in the upcoming events? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! If you need a cool Fortnite skin, check out how to get the Wolverine Skin. You can find any and all esports and gaming news on EarlyGame.