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Fortnite Season 4 Weapon Loadouts


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Today, we are going to talk about the different weapon combinations that will help you dominate the battlefield in Fortnite Season 4. We have 5 loadouts that you can try out to see which one suits your play style.

There is no "best" loadout in Fortnite – it is all about your style and skill that will get you that high kill count or Victory Royale. Feel free to swap in or out the healing items as they are really just suggestions, but the weapons are at the core of the loadouts. There is still a meta, and these weapons are powerful combinations that work well together.

Revolver-Pump Loadout

Fortnite loadout1

Image credit: Epic Games/ProGuides Fortnite via YouTube

  1. Regular assault file
  2. Pump Shotgun
  3. Revolver
  4. Small Shield Potion
  5. Chug Splash

Both the Pump Shotgun and the Revolver weapons have the same fire rate and this allows you to switch between the two guns for that double-tap damage. If you land both shots, expect an easy kill on your close-range target.

We have added the Assult Rifle because you need a long-range weapon for the times when some suppressing fire is needed or you simply cannot get to your target. This definitely shines in the late game when the builds start to go full 90s! Rounding out the loadout are some healing items, a fast boy, and a long boy drink.

Energy Rifle Loadout

Fortnite loadout2

Image credit: Epic Games/ProGuides Fortnite via YouTube

  1. Stark Industries Energy Rifle
  2. Pump Shotgun
  3. Shockwave Grenades
  4. Small Shield Potion
  5. Chug Splash

This new weapon is a great hybrid for close and long-range combat. The damage this gun provides is excellent, but make sure to upgrade it. Again we go with a Pump Shotgun for when the battle comes down to close combat builds.

The Shockwave Grenades are here to knock off or destroy players and their buildings or to give yourself a boost. Splash in some healing items and you're ready to go!

Boogie Bomb Loadout

Fortnie loadout3

Image credit: Epic Games/ProGuides Fortnite via YouTube

  1. Boogie-Bomb
  2. Charge Shotgun
  3. Regular Assault Rifle
  4. Any combination of healing items or gun

This build centers around the meme maker itself, the Boogie Bomb. The first step is to hit them with that Boogie Bomb, then use the charge shotgun for a high damage attack, and if they are still alive, use one of the other guns in your load-out to finish them off.

We call this loadout "the noob killer" and the best way to get some easy kills.

LMG Loadout

Fortnite loadout 4

Image credit: Epic Games/ProGuides Fortnite via YouTube

  1. Scoped AR
  2. Pump Shot Gun
  3. LMG
  4. Crash Pads
  5. Big Shield Potion

The LMG is a great unvaulted weapon – it allows you to shred buildings quickly. When the enemy is exposed, the 100-bullet magazine is there to also shred their HP to pieces.

We add the scoped AR for long-range combat and the Crash Pads are used to break into the enemy builds in the end game. But careful, you only have one healing item in this build.

Doctor Doom's Gaunlet Loadout

Fortnite load5

Image credit: Epic Games/ProGuides Fortnite via YouTube

  1. Doom’s Gauntlets
  2. Regular Assault Rifle
  3. Pump Shotgun
  4. Big Shield Potion
  5. Floppers

The Gauntlets have infinite ammo, and this will come in handy because part of the build is farming for Floppers. You will need to farm them by running down the rivers and blasting the water until you get a full stack of Floppers. The Gauntlets also give you a mobility boost and the Shotgun and AR are used when you need some heavy damage.

Surely one of these 5 loadouts tickles your fancy and brings out your inner unicorn! But all joking aside, they are all legit. Always keep in mind that the game at hand should change the way you play, don't blindly follow a loadout. Feel free to use what guns you can find and just think of these loadouts as the optimal choice if given one.

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