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Fortnite Season 4: Fish Buffs

Fortnite Fishing

Fish to get great buffs then win (Image credit: Epic Games)

If you have the time during a match, then make sure to fish up these little fish to get a sweet buff and dominate the lobby. You’ll need a fishing rod to catch the different fish so make sure to grab one before you set out. We have a quick guide to what each buff the fish in Season 4 gives you.

Before we cast off and talk about the little fish here are some general tips:

  • Most fish can be caught from any water located on the map
  • The time of day does not impact what fish you catch but can affect the color variation
  • There are only 8 kinds of fish but many color variations that have the same effect
  • There are also forest, mountainous, swamp and coastal fishing spots these determine the color of fish you will get.
  • The Pro Rod gives you a better chance to catch rare fish

The Fortnite Fish

Careful not to die while you fish!


Jelly Fish Fortnite

Image credit: Epic Games

A rare fish that can stack to three and give you and nearby players 20HP or Sheild. Found in coastal or swamp areas and if you have the Pro Rod also in mountainous areas.

Shield Fish

Fortnite Shield Fish

Image credit: Epic Games

This rare fish gives 50 to your Sheilds and stack up to 3 and is found pretty much everywhere you can fish.

Hop Flopper

Fortnite Hop Flopper

Image credit: Epic Games

An epic fish that can stack to 3 and gives you a low gravity effect that lasts for 45 seconds and heals for 15HP. It can be found in any fishing spot and each different spot yields a different variant.

Spicy Fish

Fortnite Spicy Fish

Image credit: Epic Games

A rare find that gives you a speed boost and 15 HP on use. The effect lasts 45 seconds and this fish stacks up to 3. Again it can be found anywhere you can fish.

Thermal Fish

Fortnite Thermal Fish

Image credit: Epic Games

This legendary fish gives you thermal vision allowing you to see players in white and the terrain in black. It heals 15HP on use and it stacks up to 2. Can also be fished up anywhere with any rod.


Fortnite Slurpfish

Image credit: Epic Games

An epic fish that gives 50Hp or Sheild on use and can be stacked up to 3. It can be found anywhere but has a better chance from Slurpy Swamp.


Fortnite Flopper

Image credit: Epic Games

This uncommon fish heal 50HP on use and stacks up to 4 and can be fished anywhere.

Small Fry:

Fortnite Small Fry

Image credit: Epic Games

This common fish heal for 25HP on use but if used near a campfire it heals 75HP. It stacks up to 6 and is found anywhere.

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