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Fortnite Patch Notes 14.30: The Fast and the Furious

Daredevil Fortnite

Daredevil Fortnite (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has announced the new Fortnite update is available today. Servers just got back, so before you jump in, let's have a look at what's new!

Epic has been adding several new updates to the season since the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 4. Besides new POIs we got a new boss to compete against and new superhero powers with almost every major patch. But what can we expect in the new Fortnite Patch 14.30? Let's go into the details now.

Fortnite Server Downtime

As is the norm, the Twitter account Fortnite Status already announced the new update. The v14.30 update was released today, October 13. The Fortnite servers were down from 10:00 CEST until a few minutes ago, for scheduled maintenance.

Official Fortnite Patch Notes 14.30

Everyone in Epic Games' Support-a-Creator program received an early morning email with the official news about Patch 14.30. These news articles always contain most of the content that is available with the new patch.

A Fast-Paced LTM

With the new update, there is a new LTM that so many players have been asking for. In the Rallye Royale, you have to be fast and smart to win. Meanwhile, you collect golden tickets that will unlock the finish line. Still don't know what we are talking about? We'll give you a little taste:

Fortnite Cars

LTM with cars as the major focus! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The new LTM is all about car racing. We will have to wait a few more days until the LTM is available, but we are already looking forward to the Fast and the Furious Feeling coming to Fortnite!

Marvel Knockout Super Series

Gather your team and put your superpowers to the test in this Marvel knockout tournament. Tomorrow on October 14, the fun starts, the first-ever superpower tournament, starring Daredevil! The winners will receive a cool Daredevil skin as a prize!

Daredevil Fornite

Marvel Super Series Cup (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Players who have participated in all four tournaments will also receive an exclusive Nexus War glider.

Combat Shotgun Buff

The Combat Shotgun is not exactly the most popular weapon in the Battle Royale mode. Compared to the Pump Shotgun or the Charge Shotgun, it simply does far too little damage. But this could change now. The Combat Shotgun is now buffed with patch 14.30 and is even more effective in both close and medium-range combat.

New Marvel Superhero Powers

At the end of the patch notes, there is a small hint that the patch will also give us new superhero powers. According to some of the readers, Daredevil's powers are going to come at the same time as the new superhero skin. For all other leaks and info about patch 14.30 check out our Fortnitemares article.

More news about Fortnite can be found in our Fortnite section. Also, you can read more about gaming and esports on EarlyGame.

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