Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 stays for now...

Fortnite Patch Notes 12.40

Fortnite Patch Notes 12 40

Fortnite 12.40 is here! (Image credit: Epic Games)

It's finally here: The Fortnite Update Version 2.67 attracts players with bug fixes, new skins, bundles, challenges and much more. We are now preparing for an extension of Chapter 2 - Season 2. The complete patch notes and what Fortnite fans can expect are below.

We didn't have to wait long for the Fortnite patch 12.40. Epic Games has really made an effort here for once as fans are becoming more discouraged with the popular Battle Royale recently. Many of the bigger bugs and flaws that players and we noticed have been fixed.

Bug Fixes

A number of much needed fixes have been added into the live servers:

  • The controllers finally vibrate when a player is hit.
  • The grenades are back, at least in the normal game - but they are still missing in Arena Mode.
  • Fixed Sky-Challenge challenge: "Hit a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun" now works completely.
  • Midas touches turn weapons back to gold. His room has also been changed.

Skins and Items

Besides the already suspected bug fixes there are a lot of bundles, skins, and items to explore in the Fornite shop:

Map and design changes

Part of the Fortnite map: "The Shark" has changed. It's the place that came with Season 2 that houses the Boss Skye. Now it's a prison. All of a sudden, there's watchtowers and the basketball court is completely fenced off. Besides, the place is now part of the "Ghost" team - does this have anything to do with our choice between the Shadow and Ghost skin of Brutus?

So, to sum up: The Hatches glow, Midas colors everything golden again and his room has changed as well. "The Shark" has been changed as the location for Season 2. Are we inevitably heading for a Fortnite Shadow Showdown? We had already noticed the changes in the map before and thought it was related to Midas. Now there are more and more hints towards this.

Save the World Update

Carbide patch 12 40

Look who's here... (Image credit: Epic Games)

First of all, we can finally paint the Hoverboard - yes, this is very important! Also, the blockbuster order returns, just like the comet that needs to be examined now. Because the Robot Ray has strangely disappeared. So time to put together a superhero team and... Save the world. Whoever completes the series of in-game missions will receive the mythical soldier Carbide and the mythical ninja Cloaked Star.

Cloaked start patch 12 40

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 2 extension

Epic Games suspended the: "paint for melee weapons and the cosmetic item shop indefinitely because the team is working on a major new feature". Are the developers planning anything more than the soon-to-be-late Easter eggs? Yes, because Chapter 2 - Season 2 will be extended. Season 3 will now be moved from April 30 to June 4. Reasons are not really given, but maybe Epic Games will surprise us with a big doomsday as expected above...

But what will definitely come, are the bunnies. From April 18th on, we can be excited about multiple bunny skins including the Bunny Brawler Skin:

Rabaukin luna fortnite

Bunny Brawler skin! (Image credit: Epic Games)

Also, a lot has changed in Fortnite's creative mode with patch 12.40. The complete patch notes are available on the Fortnite website. If you still haven't had enough, PlayStation players can now earn a free skin with PlayStation Plus. Everything else about Fortnite can be found as usual right here on EarlyGame.

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