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Fortnite Ninja Battles 3 Conclude


It seems to be ages ago that the Ninja Battles took place for the first time, but now, after a long break, they are back. Let's see who the winners of Ninja Battles 3 are!

In May, popular streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced a Fortnite tournament series lasting several weeks. Under the name Ninja Battles, the tournament invited both content creators and professional players to put together a three-person team to compete for $80,000 a week. What was intended to be a six-week tournament series has now been running for nearly three months. The Ninja Battles were supposed to end in July, yet we're only at week 3 in mid-August.

Why This Long Delay of the Ninja Battles?

The third week was delayed by one week, then two weeks and finally indefinitely, because Ninja had nowhere to stream after Mixer was turned off. Even though he has not yet announced an exclusive contract with any platform, the Ninja Battles series took place on Twitch yesterday. We can only hope that the last three weeks of the competition won't take as long as the first three.

The streamer was surprisingly absent at his own event. But even without Ninja himself the event was entertaining enough.

The Winners of Ninja Battles 3

Ninja Battles 3 were a tight tournament, with several teams in pursuit of victory pushing through to the last game. Reverse2k and his trio were in the lead initially, but it was Khanada, Bucke and Kreo that won the whole thing with a late-game push.

These three players scored 55 points in five games, continuing their consistent trio play from Chapter 2, Season 3. Khanada, Kreo and Bucke's successful performance at Ninja Battles 3 marked the second tournament win for them, after EmadGG Cup in July. In addition, the trio has achieved six top 10 finishes in the Trio Cash Cups. For their efforts, Khanada, Kreo and Bucke collected $25,000.

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