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Fortnite Map Update – The Water Is Sinking!


Image credit: Epic Games

The water on the Fortnite Map has sunk once again. And some things have become visible. We'll show you what's new.

With Chapter 2, Season 3, a wave crashed over the Fortnite map and flooded a large part of it. We already know that the water will continue to sink and create new places - but which ones?

Revealed Places

The last time the water levels dropped, Steamy Stacks, along with some other places on the map, became water-free. And now again some places were revealed. As was to be expected given the lowered water levels, there are also a number of roads that are now accessible along with some gas stations.

Also, Risky Reels came back completely on the Fortnite map with the last water update. The place has suffered some damage from the water, but apart from that, we stay dry in this place now.

Risky reels

Fortnite Risky Reels. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Large parts of Pleasant Park have returned and in a few days, the place should be back to the state of Season 2. A new small island appeared nearby. The rickety garbage island Rickety Rig started moving again and the southern island of it was removed. Bandit Barge has also moved a little bit with the new map update.

Parts of Weeping Woods have returned and now the reboot van can finally be used again.

Weeping woods

Fortnite Weeping Woods. (Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fishstick's Restaurant at Craggy Cliffs is also fully accessible again, while some of the other buildings can also be entered. At Sweaty Sands, only a few islands of rubbish have been removed - the warehouses at Dirty Docks are now accessible, as is the house at Camp Cod.

On July 18, three days before we can finally use the long-awaited cars in Fortnite, the water levels will drop again. Through some leakers, we already got the last version of the Fortnite map, but we are sure that some things will be revealed which we can't know for certain. Who knows, maybe the visitor will actually come back to the Fortnite map again.

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