New Fortnite Tournament this weekend!

Fortnite Llobeti Cup – Register Quickly!

Fortnite Llobeti Cup

The Fortnite Tournament will begin this weekend! (Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has announced several tournaments to take place during the second chapter of the fourth season of Fortnite. We want to keep you up to date with all the opportunities to be a winner.

Epic Games organizes events and tournaments for their players on a regular basis, for example the hype tournaments for which you can qualify through progress in the arena. The next big step for players living the competitive dream is the Fortnite Championship Series in which players in the Champion skill bracket can partake in.

Aside from these tournaments, Epic Games also has a calendar on their webpage wherein players can get information on any competition and tournament. If you look today, Sptember 10, 2020, you’ll be able to see that as of 15:00 CEST there is a Limited Time Mode test tournament. This competition is available on all platforms, PC, Playstation, XBox, Switch and mobile in Europe.

We're running a series of Limited Time Mode test tournaments. Any scores may be removed after each tournament is complete.
Llobeti Cup Registrieren

You can even register on the official webpage! (Image credit: Epic Games)

It is a bit different for the Llobeti Cup which begins September 12 at 16:00 CEST and ends September 13 19:00 CEST with the final of three rounds.

You can already register for the Llobeti Cup today, so grab you friends and get yourself signed up!

Point Distribution

  • Victory Royale +14
  • Reach Top 2 +8
  • Reach Top 3 +6
  • Reach Top 4 +3
  • Reach Top 5 +3
  • Reach Top 6 +3
  • Reach Top 7 +3
  • Reach Top 8 +3
  • Reach Top 9 +3
  • Reach Top 10 +3
  • Reach Top 11 +3
  • Reach Top 12 +3
  • Reach Top 13 +3
  • Reach Top 14 +3
  • Reach Top 15 +3
  • Reach Top 16 +3
  • Reach Top 17 +3
  • Every Elimination +3

Prizes and Ranking

Probably won't be at the Llobeti Cup. If people find it uncool, Epic Games invites you to leave a tweet. But they already said:

We typically only give power ranking to cash events or qualifiers.

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Are you going to register? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!

We've got lots more Fortnite content in regards to DreamHack as well as the new POIs on the map in Season 4.

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