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Fortnite Leaks: Chapter 2 Season 3 End Date and Season 4 Speculation

Fortnite Season 4

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Fortnite Season 4 is about to start. When does it start and what can we expect? Here comes the latest in Fortnite Leaks!

Season 3 is slowly coming to an end and the fans of Fortnite are wondering when Season 4 will start. The last two seasons have lasted about 120 days each, so it comes to no surprise that details about the next season have been leaked.

When Does Chapter 2 Season 3 End?

Shortly after the start of the third season, data miners didn't take long to find out how long Season 3 would last. At the time of release, Epic set an end date of August 27, 2020. Apple's accusation against Epic also mention this date, if you look at their statement:

However, the data miner FireMonkey quickly pointed out that the number of weekly challenges does not correspond to an 11-week season. Since the game files already contain 12 weeks of challenges the third season will probably end on September 3. This is not unusual behavior for release dates.

Epic has previously extended seasons by one or two weeks, or even more. Meanwhile, players were able to pass the time with extra challenges. Season 1 and 2 both had a Chapter 2 that were extended more than a month after their original end date. We'll have to wait and see if Epic Games can release Fortnite Season 4 within an 11 or 12 week season in time for September 3rd.

What's Will Happen in Season 4?

Season 3 brought many significant changes like the dramatic flooding of the map. As the water levels dropped, new and old POIs were uncovered over the last few weeks. The new location Coal Castle, which is also often called Atlantis, is also worth mentioning.

Nobody is certain what the fourth season will bring, but there have been a few leaks and speculations.

But just to be clear: none of this has been officially confirmed!

HypeX, one of the most famous Fortnite Leakers, says there will be a bigger crack in the sky above Catty Corner.

HypeX also released a map showing some new POIs:

  • "Crater"
  • "Hightower"
  • A set of runes called "The Dots".

However, it unclear whether the Fortnite Leakers will prove to be true, partially correct, or flat out wrong.

Another possibility would be information regarding the spaceship that was unveiled after one of the last water updates. The spaceship was a secret challenge where players had to collect three nearby pieces to repair it. After it was repaired, the spaceship would shoot into the crack in the sky.

Fortnite lore often relates to science fiction tropes that deal with cracks in time and space and other strange interstellar travelers. So it is possible that we will see Midas again since he will come back as a skin along with Joker and Poison Ivy. Or The Visitor and the Seven may return to the map and try to escape again from the loop.

And speaking of new skins...

Here Are the Season 4 Fortnite Skins!

Besides the already announced Skins, Joker, Poison Ivy and Midas Rex, HypeX has also leaked that another new Marvel Hero will join the Fortnite Skin-Pool. He is none other than Wolverine and who knows - maybe he will be the new hero of the season, like Aquaman in the current and Deadpool in Season 2.

But Thor could also join the array of Superhero Skins already in the game. In the past, some players said that a comic book page appeared on their Battle Pass screen, which showed a lot of different Marvel characters. Most notably Galactus and a redesign of Thor by artist Nic Klein.

We will keep you updated if we receive any news about Season 4. For all Apple and Android mobile and tablet players, we hope that Epic will soon settle its dispute with Apple and Google - so that you can play the new Season too.

So stay tuned and check out our Fortnite section to make sure you don't miss anything.

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