Will the water leave sooner than expected?

Fortnite Leak Shows New Season 3 Map

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 official wallpaper

Image credit: Epic Games

Fortnite leaks suggest a new pivotal point on the Fortnite map for Chapter 2 Season 3, so what's changed?

The flooding only began slowly but is now taking on a major change in the latest Leaked Fortnite map, which shows dramatic changes to certain areas, even though the Fortnite map is currently all water right now let's be honest.

Last night, however, a user on Reddit posted an update on the Fortnite map, which looks like no ordinary second-hand leak (ha). This map looks to be the final stage of the Fortnite map, and the changes are dramatic. We could expect the water to recede sooner than expected!

Spoiler warning ahead for those who do not want to see the up-coming Fortnite map!

Updated Fortnite new map chapter 2 season 3

Image credit: VollMitBotox

Well, we can't skip over some of the biggest and most affected parts of this new Fortnite map, which is The Ruins, which seem to have been completely changed from the current iteration that is within Fortnite right now.

This change could be to incorporate Aquaman, who was showcased during the Fortnite Season 3 Splashdown Launch Trailer. You should definitely expect Fortnite challenges and events to take place here, once the water has mostly left of course.

The Fortnite community, especially on Reddit, seem to have a mixed response to the final flood stage of the Fortnite map, but whatever the case, all rivers lead back to The Authority.

Of course, these leaks are exciting! but we need to keep in mind that this is not the official confirmation of what the Fortnite map will look like, but you can be sure we'll keep you updated with everything Fortnite. What do you think about this leaked Fortnite map? Do you think its official? We're curious to know your thoughts.

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