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Fortnite Leak: Is Captain Marvel Coming to Fortnite?

Captain Marvel

The leaks point to Captain Marvel! (Image credit: Epic Games)

Chapter 2 has already brought Fortnite some new Marvel heroes. Some of the new additions include Iron Man and Wolverine as bosses on the maps as well as Silver Surfer and Blade as skins in the store. There have been teasers about heroes like Venom and Ghost Rider but the latest info points to a new hero... or should we say, heroine?

Fortnite Season 5 is practically in the starting blocks and players are ready to jump on it but Epic Games still has an ace up its sleeve! A recent leak points to another Marvel hero. We are excited because we can't get enough of the cool Avengers like Iron Man! The data miner SizzyLeaks has now shown what he has found via Twitter and Reddit.

The evidence is vague and people are speculating - who could that be?

What you see here are basically just the particle animations that the hero will have. The whole thing is titled "PROTO_P_HighTower_Cherry_Fireball_ExplodeSmall". So, the hero will have something to do with fire in some way. In addition, most people have noticed the code word "Cherry" - well, and now the riddle is on. Who could this be? The people are almost unanimous: It must be Captain Marvel!

One of the strongest heroes of the Marvel universe lets them explode with their powers. So, the possible "Fireball" and "Firejump" particle animations could be clues to them. There is a debate among the posts because others say it could also be Crystal - from the Fantastic Four and Avenger Comics - or Ghost Rider, who is practically on fire and has already been teased.

There's still a high chance that it'll be Captain Marvel because you've seen her too often in graphics next to the other heroes. The players have been expecting her to come to Fortnite for a long time.

Right now, it's just a matter of time before we find out if Captain Marvel will be the next hero to get added. In any case, we'll keep you updated!

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