Are you OK, Epic Games?

Fortnite is now available on the Google Play Store and some people are not happy

Fortnite Google Play

Welcome to Google Play, Fortnite. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games finally bows down to Google and after what seems like an eternity, is putting Fortnite onto the Google Play Store for consumers to download – Epic Games is not happy.

Google isn't easy to dodge

Game developer-turned-Steam-like store Epic Games gave Google the side-eye back in 2018 when it told its users to download the popular title Fortnite directly from the website if they wanted in on the latest craze. We know this was now the case because Epic Games wanted to keep the bulk of its revenue and not share it with the tech giant.

After over a year of keeping away from Google, Epic Games has finally bit the bullet and now lists the game for available download on the Google Play Store. We're absolutely sure Epic Games isn't happy about it. Fortnite's popularity has been under fire these recent months from fans all the way to professional players citing a: "Stale Meta" and "Boring updates" even with a hashtag trending on Twitter:


As you can imagine, with the release of Fortnite on Google Play Store, the fanbase and players had plenty to say on the matter:

What are the fans saying?

First of all, fans of Fortnite were quick to find out that the popular Battle Royale game couldn't or wouldn't even run on certain Andriod devices (your mileage may vary), so anyone owning a rather old device will get the notification that your phone cannot support this type of application.

Secondly, let's discuss Fortnite's optimization for Android because logistically, it's awful. High-end mobile devices will benefit from this addition but anything under a recent release is just awful. The sheer heat the game provides when even trying to play a full match on a mobile phone is like wanting to sit next to a radiator.

Lastly, the Fortnite mobile app controls work incredibly poorly on Andriod devices, so it's no joke when you see the reviews giving controls just above a 1-star rating. Fortnite is having some trouble at the moment, especially the delay of the next season and the fans being so unhappy with the state of the game, including server issues.

We need to wait and see what Epic Games does next with Fortnite on the Google Play Store but one thing's for certain, the publishers and fans don't seem all that happy about the move to Google. For all things Fortnite, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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