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How to Get the Wolverine Skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 4: How to get Wolverine! (Image credit: Epic Games)

The Marvel event in Fortnite goes into the next round. After Deadpool and Aquaman you can now unlock skins and other rewards for Wolverine. We show you how it works!

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is here and the superhero event continues. Do you want to get the Fortnite Wolverine Skin? But what do you have to do? We will tell you! Of course, you have to complete some challenges to unlock the hero from X-Men, just like other recent skins (Aquaman). Those who already have the new Season 4 Battle Pass in Fortnite can look forward to the following rewards for Wolverine:

  • A Wolverine graffiti
  • A weapon skin
  • A glider
  • The Wolverine skin for your character

Note that in order to get the Wolverine skin you need to get the new Battle Pass. Buying the new pass isn't enough though as you'll still need to do some work in-game. As before, there are some tasks you'll have to complete so that you can collect the rewards. So far there is only a single challenge available and the others will be released periodically (the next few weeks). The first challenge is "Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks" and it starts in the Weeping Woods area. There you either have to land or make a short trip during the game to find at least three of the six scratch marks.

Week 1 Challenge: Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks

Video credit: InTheLittleWood via YouTube

The scratch marks are relatively close together and can be found quite quickly with a short walking distance. When you have completed the task, the first thing you get is the Wolverine graffiti as a reward. The next tasks will be revealed in the upcoming weeks and we have no doubt some of them will be a bit more challenging. Good luck!

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