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Fortnite: How Can You Find the Cobwebs at The Authority?

The Authority

Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Season 4, Week 7 is here and has a lot up its sleeve. This week you have to find the cobwebs at The Authority and destroy them. We will show you where to swing the feather duster.

The challenges for Week 7 of Fortnite Season 4 are here and will let players earn a sizeable amount of extra XP. Most of the challenges are pretty easy. But one of the most difficult challenges this week is to destroy the cobwebs at The Authority. Yes, that's right: Epic wants you to clean up! We're sorry if this made you think of your mother, who use to force you to clean up the kids' room. But at least you will get some XP for your hard work.

Last season the place of the cleanup was the home of Midas. After he was defeated, not much was left of the huge building except some spider webs and old chests. Now it's our job to clean it up a bit, which will earn us 25,000 XP.

Destroy Cobwebs at The Authority

It can be difficult to find these cobwebs if you do not know where to look or if you are being shot at. We have put together this guide to show you where to find the cobwebs at the authorities.

The first cobweb is on the top floor of the building. Just land on the helipad, break through the door and you will find it in the corner of the left wall, near some purple posters.

Fortnite spider web 1

Image Credit: Epic Games

Next, go down one floor, and through the door at the bottom of the stairs you'll find the second cobweb.

Fortnite spider web 2

Image Source: Epic Games

A third spider's web can be found between the windows in the main area on the left side.

Fortnite spider web 3

Image Credit: Epic Games

There are more cobwebs in The Authority, but you only need to find three to complete the challenge. So, it should not be that difficult to complete this task.

To earn more XP to level up, complete the other challenges of Week 7, or collect the XP coins that are hidden on the map. We wish you much success!

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