Five in total, we've got you covered on the specifics

Fortnite Golden Wrench locations

Fortnite Midas

Get your gold on. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite doesn't sleep, especially if you've watched Travis Scott's performance, but needless to say, the next challenges for Week 10 in Fortnite brings the second set of Midas challenges to the servers.

We've noticed the struggle in trying to find the five golden pipe wrenches, one of the more adventurous challenges from Epic Games, but worry not! EarlyGame has you covered for the specific golden wrench locations so let's get right into it.

Where are the Golden Pipe Wrench locations?

Fortnite Map Golden Wrenches Locations

The five Fortnite Golden Wrench Locations. (Image credit: Epic Games)

If you've studied the image above, you'll know the specific locations for those pesky Golden Pipe Wrenches, but if you need specifics, we also got you covered:

  • At the very top of Lockie’s lighthouse (C1)
  • Right in front of the pipe statue in (B6)
  • In the hand of the Pipe Man landmark in the south (D8)
  • On a pipe just outside of Steamy Stacks (H2)
  • Westside of Dirty Docks (H4)

How to do this challenge

Now armed with the searching knowledge, you just need to get into as many games as possible, gradually ticking off the ones you've visited! Remember, slow and steady wins the race here because although we've narrowed down the locations to specifics, they can still be hard to find.

It seems that the challenges these past few weeks from Epic Games have been rather slow and tedious. However, this is a challenge that does not need to be completed in a single round, so take your time to find these. With Fortnite Season 3 expected sometime in June, you don't want to fall behind, so make sure to keep up.

You still have more than enough to keep you going, with Travis Scott's challenges and much more that has been promised by Epic Games.

Let's just hope they're not as slow-paced as recent weeks have been, fans aren't terribly happy about that.

For everything Fortnite and more, keep it here, with EarlyGame.

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