Best Solo Stars at Dreamhack September

Fortnite Dreamhack Winners: EU and NA

Fortnite DreamHack Winners EU NA

Solo Dreamhack finals! September's Winners (Image credit: DreamHack / Epic Games)

The Fortnite DreamHack September Open has come and gone! We have the winners from each region of the competition and the top 10 players from Europe, NA East, and NA West. Let’s go and see who the winners and losers are.

The tournament took place from September 12-20 and the players battled for a $250,000 prize pool. Thousands of players competed in this open format but only the best could make it to the final lobby in each region.

The tournament's format was Solos and anyone could play in it. The top 1500 who scored the most points after ten matches made it to the next round and this process repeated until the field was narrowed down to 100 players. Then 6 matches decided the champion.

NA West DreamHack Winners

Alliege took down NA West with a final score of 305 points over 6 matches but scored all their points via frags and no victories. Kills pays the bills in Fortnite - it's not always about being the last alive. Walking away with $4,000 shows that offense pays in Fortnite. Nach in second place with 287 points takes home $2,000. 100 Thieves' Arkhram with a close 281 points snags third and $1,800.

Here is your NA West Top Ten:

  • 1st Alliege 305
  • 2nd Nach 287
  • 3rd Arkhram 281
  • 4th criizux 266
  • 5th wavy 253
  • 6th Cented. 251
  • 7th TurtleTavern 244
  • 8th Dubs 234
  • 9th Lanjok 193
  • 10th dylannx 191

NA East DreamHack Winners

GG’s to Marz who scored a total of 293 points with one Royale victory to claim 1st place in NA East. The player took home $10,000 beating out second-place champ bugha who narrowly missed 1st with a score of 289. Bugha earned $5,000 for second and hen placed third and won $4,700.

Here is your NA East Top Ten:

  • 1st Marzz_Ow 293
  • 2nd bugha 289
  • 3rd hen 270
  • 4th Hajie 265
  • 5th Rocaine 247
  • 6th Outcast Mero YT 246
  • 7th MackWood1x 245
  • 8th Jamper 234
  • 9th Whofishy 219
  • 10th frapaiXX 218

Euro DreamHack Winners

Teeq has the skills in EU and wins DreamHack with a cool 260 points and a high kill count to easily win the region by a margin of 11 points. For his efforts, they walk away with $16,000 leaving second place to znappy who took $8,000 and Verox in third for $7,400.

Here is your Europe Top Ten:

  • 1st teeq 260
  • 2nd znappy 249
  • 3rd Verox 249
  • 4th Fury Legendary 231
  • 5th Vortex 229
  • 6th lowless 226
  • 7th Refsgaard 218
  • 8th wafflar 218
  • 9th 4zr 216
  • 10th Fray 198

The open format of the tournament is a great way for new pros to rise to the top and maybe join a Trios squad for the ongoing FNCS

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