A big success for Epic Games and players alike, but will it return?

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup - what have we learned?

Fortnite Daily Duo Cup

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The Daily Duos Cup is long since over, but there have been some learning curves for players and publishers alike. So, what have we learned from this event?

What is Daily Duos Cup?

The new tournament series called the Daily Duo Cup was released in the "Competition" tab on the Epic Games website and could be played in all competitive regions globally. The format was simple: each participating duo has three hours to play a maximum of ten games. Points are earned in the process and the winners would receive prize money for their efforts should they place within the top, which we've covered greatly already:

Why did it work?

Let's talk about money. On March 25, Epic Games updated the Daily Duos Cup with a big prize pool - every day. The event ran until April 30 with $5,000 to the number 1 winners. This was a great encouragement for players currently staying at home to get involved in and to attempt to win big with relatively little losses involved. Since its essentially being paid to play video games, should you come out on top, everyone had a chance to win something.
Fortnite Party Royale

It was always a good party with Daily Duos! (Image credit: Epic Games)


It's no surprise that current world events have caused problems for, well, the entire world. Being stuck at home isn't fun, and this move from Epic Games gave gamers something to do and potentially win money for as Fortnite is a free to play and something that just about anyone can play, even on mobile.

A chance at something new

For Epic Games, this was a chance to see if the Daily Duos Cup could be something to bring back longterm as a new format for competitive and professional play. The turnout was staggering for players of all levels and experiences that we're sure the Daily Duos Cup will be returning in some shape or form in the future.

Fortnite tilted towers landing 1024x400

Did you win big during the Daily Duos Cup? (Image credit: Epic Games)

It's all in the teamwork

We've covered this one in our Tips and Tricks article on the Fortnite Daily Duos Cup, but being able to play with someone else within this event was huge for gamers as communication is key. As we mentioned in a previously, playing with a wingman adds an extra dimension of fun and something that we all need right now while we're stuck at home:


It's clear here that Epic Games had an incredibly successful event that professional and casual players loved, especially being stuck at home which was a huge global factor that Epic Games marketed themselves well on. We here at EarlyGame learned how great the event was and loved playing some daily duos with the potential to win big! All in all, it was a fun event that players of all levels could compete in, not just the professionals.

We can assure you that Daily Duos Cup will return in the foreseeable future as Epic Games now recognizes how impactful it was. Let's just hope the Daily Duos Cup returns to us in better times. Need some help with that loot? We've got you covered. Here are our best loot locations that will give you the edge you need! For everything else Fortnite, keep it here with EarlyGame.

We've got you covered.

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