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Fortnite Champion Series returns this weekend

Fortnite champion series

Image credit: Epic Games

The Fortnite Champion Series makes its return. The duo-based circuit will start from this weekend and culminate in regional grand finals on April 19. Get a partner, get your game on and get famous!

Fortnite esports is back

Now that Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 hit its stride, the competitive scene is about to heat up once again. Sure, February already gave us two memorable events like the Summer Smash (hey, it IS summer down under) and DreamHack Anaheim, but it’s time to get the first big competitive circuit of the year. (Re)Enter the Fortnite Champion Series, or FNCS for short: the newest installment of this event will bring the world’s best players to the Battle Bus again.

The rules for the event were released last Monday and somewhat controversially, they separated placements for players on PC and consoles/mobile. The Fortnite Champion Series will feature four weekly series, starting this weekend – on Friday for the Middle East and on Saturday for all other regions.

Prize pools

The top players in every weekly series and the best scoring overall duos from the leaderboard will clash in the grand finals, with four heats taking place on April 17 and 18, and the grand finals going down on April 19.

Naturally, there will be plenty of prizes, both for the weekly series and for the season finals. As in previous events separated by region, the prize pools vary. The top spot in the weekly events will bring between $1130 and $5000 to the winning pair.

Winning the grand finals is a lot more rewarding, with the duo getting between $10,000 in the Asia, Oceania and Middle East regions and a cool $70,000 in Europe. Other players who get high placements in the weekly events and in the finals will see something in their bank accounts as well.

Star power

While Epic Games put out a cool new picture to let people know you’re looking for a partner, there have already been some star-studded pairs announced, and they will all be vying for the top spot.

Fortnite’s original superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be joining Ali “SypherPK” Hassan in his competitive return.

Video credit: SypherPK via YouTube

Meanwhile, 2019 solo World Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf will be participating with his partner "Stretch" and is no doubt eager to show he’s a past master of the duos play style as well.

Meanwhile, publisher Epic Games has stated that a competitive roadmap for the rest of 2020 is on the horizon. Will 2020 surpass Fortnite’s hyped last year? We will find out!

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