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Fortnite Challenges: Storm Awakens

Fortnite Storm

Fortnite Storm (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's Battle Pass has many Marvel hero skins and they get their own emote by completing some challenges. We will show you how to unlock Storm's Gale Force Emote here.

Fortnite Season 4 brought an impressive selection of Marvel heroes to the Battle Royale, including two members of the X-Men. Like the other heroes, Storm - the weather wizard herself - has her own Awakened Challenges, which allow you to get her special emote.

This emote shows Storm with a powerful lightning bolt taking a threatening stance. As with the other heroes, there are three challenges that you must complete to obtain Storm's Gale Force Emote. We'll show you what to do now.

Fortnite Storm Awakening

Storm's Gale Force Emote. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Storm Awakens Challenges

There are three different challenges. For all three of them, it is necessary to play with the Storm Skin to complete the challenges. While the first two challenges are relatively easy to do, the third task is a bit more difficult.

Challenge 1: Visit the Weather Station as Storm

The weather station is located in the southeast part of the map, on the mountain below Catty Corner. You only have to land there to complete the task.

Fortnite Wetterstation

Fortnite Weather Station

Challenge 2: Get to the Top of Steamy Stacks

To complete Challenge 2, you must first land in Steamy Stacks To do this head to the wind tunnel as soon as the storm approaches it. Once it reaches your task is done.

Fortnite Storm Challenge (Video credit: iplaytobi via YouTube)

Challenge 3: Use an Emote as a Storm in the Eye of the Storm

This challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Go in the direction of the center of the storm. Use the map as a guide to find the center of it. There you will find a purple lightning symbol that looks like a purple XP coin. Go there and use an emote. Now you have completed all tasks in Storm Awakens challenge.

Setze als Storm im Sturmauge ein Emote ein

Storm in the eye of the Storm - use your emote here!

Now you can use Storm's Gale Force Emote and it will send a shiver down the spine of your enemies.

We wish you success on your missions. More tips and tricks and news about gaming and esports are on EarlyGame. Such as Star Wars X-Wing Now in Fortnite or FaZe Jarvis' Return to Fortnite Was Fake!

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