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Fortnite Challenges: Gatherers

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Fortnite's Week 4 Challenges ask players to destroy 20 gatherers and deal 10,000 damage simultaneously with the remains of one gatherer. We will explain what a gatherer is, how to find it, and how to do damage with it.

As every week, there are Fortnite challenges to be met. While most of them are self-explanatory, two stand out: to destroy gatherers and do damage with them. Before we get to the Hulk smash part, we oughta explain what the hell gatherers are in the first place.

Fortnite Gatherers and Where to Find Them

The gatherers were first added with the last major Fortnite Update - 14.10. They are small drones that spawn on the map of the Battle Royale, always near Gorgers. Gorgers are larger drones that also count as sort of a mythical boss. As far as Fortnite bosses go, Gorgers are probably one of the hardest to defeat.

To find gatherers, you have to find Gorgers first. Since they don't have fixed spawn locations, this can be a bit more difficult. However, there are some places where they have been seen most often so far.

You can recognize one by a red ray of light that rises into the sky. It is best to get off the Battle Pass bus relatively early and stay in the air while you keep a lookout. Wait until the first storm circle closes. Then look out for the red-light beam, which is shot into the sky and glows brightly for a second and then burns out. This shows you where a Gorger has spawned.

Once you have found a Gorger, approach him carefully without alerting him. Take your time to collect the best possible prey and then strike. A Gorger's main attack consists of directing a laser beam at you and then charging a shock wave that kills you very quickly. So, keep moving to avoid being hit.

As soon as the Gorger spots you, it will start spawning gatherers who will also try to attack you. Now the first task begins.

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Destroy 20 Gatherers

The challenge is to destroy 20 gatherers to get the XP reward. They do not have much HP, so 1 or 2 shots are enough to destroy one. These appear as long as the Gorger lives, so continue to evade it and just destroy one after the other until you have completed the 20 eliminations. Keep in mind that there might be players nearby who will become aware of you through your fight and try to screw you over.

If you are able to complete this challenge, you will be rewarded with 25,000 XP.

Mit Sammler Schaden anrichten

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Do 10,000 Damage with the Remains of a Gatherer

Once you have destroyed the 20 gatherers, you can pick them up and start firing red laser beams yourself. Every shot deals great damage when it is aimed at other players. It also has unlimited ammunition.

First things first - your main target should be the eye of the gorgers. Aim the laser at the yellow glowing parts of the gorgers to damage them until they are destroyed. Repeat the process as many times as you need to reach 10,000 damage dealt. The completion of this task will bring you 50,000 XP.

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