Unlimited Marvel Power!

Fortnite Bug Gives Players Unlimited Marvel Hero Abilities

Fortnite Nexus War Marvel Heroes

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The introduction of the Marvel Heroes has caused great excitement in Fortnite. Above all, the abilities of the individual heroes are overly strong. A new bug, however, allows players to use the hero's abilities indefinitely.

We've seen Marvel heroes in Fortnite for quite some time now. With the release of Nexus War Season 4 in Fortnite, Epic Games take their partnership with Marvel to the next level! Players can use some of the abilities of their favorite superheroes. Whether it'd be Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets, Groot's Bramble Shield, Silver Surfer's Board, or something else, the special abilities of Marvel heroes are considered very strong within the community.

Due to how powerful most of the abilities are, Epic Games introduced a 15-second cooldown. However, extremely smart players have already found a way (read exploit) to easily bypass the skill cooldown. The trick is simple - swap items back and forth between your crew!

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How Does the Bug Work?

To use the bug you just have to swap the items in your squad back and forth. If an item gets its cooldown you can simply drop it. As soon as one of your teammates picks it up the cooldown is reset. Depending on the size of your team you can switch the items non-stop and use the marvel abilities without any limits.

If you want to take advantage of the bug you should hurry. It is very likely that Epic Games will release a hotfix update soon. So far no statement has been made - not even if the Marvel abilities should get a nerf in general.

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