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Fortnite Astronaut Challenge: How to Launch the Spaceship

Fortnite spaceship

Earn some XP with the spaceship challenge in Fortnite. (Image credit: Epic Games)

With the new water update, a new galactic challenge appeared in Fortnite. Find out where the parts of the crashed spaceship are located and how to launch it.

The water levels, caused by the flooding of the second season, sank again. They revealed not only Coral Castle, but also a mysterious old spaceship on a small sand patch north of Craggy Cliffs. It seems obvious that Fortnite is picking up the threads of an old story - a story about visitors and rockets and cracks. Who remembers? In any case, finding this spaceship will trigger a new challenge with a series of steps. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a big chunk of XP

Space ship challenges

There are a total of 6 steps you need to complete:

  • Find Ancient Ship (1)
  • Collect Missing Parts (3)
  • Install Missing Parts (3)
  • Start Launch Sequence (1)
  • Launch the Ship (1)
  • Launch Successful (1)

The search for the ancient ship is the starting point for the rest of these challenges. Then the three missing parts - the heat shield, the thruster, and the battery - must be found and installed. After that the spaceship is launched until it explodes with a bang at the end of the countdown.

The spaceship is located behind Craggy Cliffs on a small island. It was hidden underwater all the time, but it only appeared on the surface with the new water update.

Spaceship Location

The spaceship location at Craggy Cliffs. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Locations of the Three Parts

Once you are at the spaceship, the real challenge begins.

To start it you have to find and install the three missing parts. The three parts can be found in close proximity around the spaceship. A little hint: They make a glaring noise as soon as you are near them.

Location of Battery

The battery is located east of the ship in the water near some rocks. Once you have found it, it will be installed on the upper right side of the ship.

The battery location

The battery location. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Thruster Location

The thruster is located on the other side of the bay on the side of a cliff. This is the most difficult part to reach. However, it is the easiest to spot because it glows blue. Grab some materials and build your way up to salvage the part and install it on the wing of the ship.

The location of the thruster

The location of the thruster. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Location of Heat Shield

The heat shield is located on the sandy peninsula at the end of the cliffs where you found the thruster. It is also located near some rocks. This part is installed next to the place where you placed the battery.

The location of the heat shield

The location of the heat shield. (Image credit: Epic Games)

When you are finished with all three installations, you will be asked to start the ship.

Launch the Spaceship

As soon as you start the spaceship, it will rise into the air and a timer will appear above it. When it reaches zero, the ship will launch. However, it will not simply blow up, but will shoot through a crack and then directly into the sky. After that, more cracks will line up around the small island, through which you can jump to shoot yourself into the air as well.

By the way, you can also complete this challenge in a team. This way you can split up and save some time finding the parts. For each part you find, you will receive 500 XP. On top of that, you get 14,000 XP for installing the parts. You will receive 25,000 experience points for starting the spaceship, so it's really worth it to complete this task. The launch of the spaceship is a cool experience, especially if you complete the challenge with your friends.

We hope you enjoy completing the challenge. For more XP you can complete the tasks of week 6 and week 7.

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Tasho Tashev

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